how to be: sash.
how to be: sash. protip stories

feralhumann Community member
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just a thing i did idk

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how to be: sash.

by feralhumann

relate to a trash bin :DDD

now that ur trying to me, you must relate to trash bc thats what i am.

be a stan of brendon urie's forehead.

just bc shit, thats massive.

be an art hoe !!

even though you're not rlly good at it ;-((( but shite, i like art ok

be an aggressive little shit

even tho ur like 5'4, make sure people kno u can probably beat them up with a hello kitty umbrella.

do stupid shit

bc ur a dumbfuck, do shit you'll regret in 5 minutes and later in life, you'll have cringe attack and fUCKKKKK, i should have not worn those shorts.

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