Dear diary,
Dear diary,

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femrll you’re me too 🇧🇷
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Ending my child's diary.

Dear diary,

I have never completed a diary before. I used to take the most gorgeous pen and carefully write in italic letters how was my princess day. I used to look for details in my routine that could make me smile until stifle the screams.

However, the amazing ceremony lasted how much as my father's patience runs out. My perfect place finished. Instead of it, my castle crumbled and, the only thing that I saw was pain.

The pain to hate that I did not prevent the castle to crumble. The pain to hate that I did not know how to rebuild it. The pain to hate that I did not know how to scream for help.

I still feel this pain, but I am not more in the ruins castle. I am and always was the bricks that you crumbled.

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