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Because to some of us, coming out might as well be killing ourselves


by wondergrayce

To those who shared their stories of coming out and used their fame to inspire millions of LGBT+...thank you for giving us hope

That in the midst of a dark and unaccepting environment, we are reminded that there are still parts of this world that supports us

But coming from a closeted individual raised by a religious family We need more stories about queer people whose coming out didn't go as easy

Who came out to their family and got abused physically and verbally Whose family disowned them as though their bigoted beliefs weigh more than their love and support for their children

Whose family sent them to conversion camp Whose family shame them for choosing to love who they love

Who got electroshock therapy as a "cure" to something they can't understand...or bring themselves to understand Whose family asked for them to be raped in an attempt to "change" their sexuality

Tell us that someday they'll come to it That through time they will accept who we are That they'll realize their love for us weighs more than their pride

That we don't need to be fixed because we were never broken in the first place

Because to some of us, coming out might as well be killing ourselves

There are so many people, families out there who are very unaccepting and hateful of what we are Who would go through cruel lengths to try and change what they can't accept

Tell us that we don't have to go through this alone Tell us that there's still hope

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