The Courage to Smile
The Courage to Smile smile stories

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Are you one of them?

The Courage to Smile

by wondergrayce

I know a lot of people who smile so bright Whose lips make a line from their left ear to the right

Contagious as their smile can be Their charm never quite worked on me

I was never the happy person type I don't know why for that people want me to apologize

It's not my fault I grew up too fast It's not my fault I knew the difference between the truths and the lies

A common misconception that I used to believe That happy people are just innocent and too naive

I thought they have to have lived under a rock to not have seen how cruel the world can be

One day a happy friend revealed herself to me That hidden in her smile was an unspeakable past underneath

She was almost unrecognizable I was taken aback in disbelief When her smile dispersed and instead there were tears

Since then I never saw happy people the same way They taught me that you could either fight negativity or choose to let it stay

And that is something from them that I will always admire That despite the hardships and challenges in life

They still have the courage to smile

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