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I hope we wouldn't regret every second we spent by your side

A Letter to Time

by AyenGrayce

Dear Time,

You are the yesteday, the today, the tomorrow. You are the past, the present, the future. You are the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon.

Tell me of the wonders and wisdom you carry. Tell me every moment you have seen and moments more you can see. Yes, every second of it indeed.

People have long contemplated on how the world began and how it will end, I know you'll be the one to end all arguments and theories.

Dear Time,

You're like the author of life unlike any other, and we are just mere readers yet to discover what is next to unfold.

But Time,

You are just a concept that people constructed. Just a ticktocking deadline that reminds us that everything that starts eventually comes to an end.

Some say you come by too fast, while some say you're too slow. I say they count your numbers too much they forget to just ride the waves, bask under the sun, and dance your lilies

So they grow old never truly learning how to live.

On the other hand,

Some of us aren't blind and we thank you for reminding us of our numbered days. That it's never too early to learn, to travel to places, to discover new things, to reach our dreams...

Because the moment will come when we might come to see that it's too late to do anything we wish we could've done while we still had you by our side.

Thank you

For reminding us that life is short, to live in the moment, and to express our love as often as we can.

May there be no things left undone and no words left unsaid, so when our adventure with you finally comes to an end, we wouldn't regeret every second that it lasted.

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