A Letter to Death
A Letter to Death depression stories
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Lover, I hope you're welcoming me with open arms just like they say you would...

A Letter to Death

by AyenGrayce


Some say your arms feel like home and I'm a weary traveler from walking down this road for too long. I am a refugee; tired and desperate for your sweet embrace.


Rumor has it that you can offer me heaven, the promised paradise. They say your angels will welcome me, singing my name as I grace your garden.

Have you been there yourself? Is it just as wonderful as they say it is?


They tell me that wanting to be with you is selfish and sinful. To leave life and everything behind just to feel... Nothing.

At this point, none of them matters. Just you and I, and your promise of forever.


There are those who say that being with you is devoid of loneliness, Of suffering, Of happiness, Or anything.


Are you my destined one and only?

My endless?

My infinity?

I look down at the busy road below. My love, just one leap and finally, I'll be able to feel your eternal nothingness.

I hope you're welcoming me with open arms just like they say you would.

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