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date with fate

by felonious

the pristine summer sun is shining through the canopy

of branches in the tall oak trees along the river as a cool breeze washes through the forest. between two strong trunks and only feet from the river, perched atop a small rocky outcrop

i have strung a hammock made of nylon

Kellie is there

lounging in the blue nylon cocoon with me

Her long blonde hair

washed across her angelic face with the wind and Her smile shines brighter than the midday sun

Her hazel green eyes

speak what words cannot as our bodies press close and we whisper love songs to each other. we have been together for two years but it feels as if i have known her for lifetimes.

as if our souls have met

time and time again in an endless celestial dance of ebb and flow

to say that we are wildly in love is an understatement

we are utterly dependent on one another. two lost souls bound together in complete surrender to love. She reaches into her bra and pulls out a perfectly pearled joint

i catch myself imagining her naked breasts

and the way they feel pressed against my chest. a smile crosses my face. i am proud of her ability to roll such perfect joints. a skill i had taught her quite early in our courtship.

She lights the joint and inhales deeply

She always had a way of making the act of smoking

appear so sensual

the way She wraps her lips

and even the way She inhales exudes sensuality and i start to become intrigued. She leans towards me and i know what She intends

She blows the smoke into my mouth through pressed lips

She tastes of caramel and honey sweet cannabis as i inhale Her breath into my chest. the warm glow of the cannabis meshes well with the dark rum and creates a synergy i have come to enjoy

the feeling of security is undeniable

the pain of the past is suddenly gone. in this moment nothing else matters and we are happy

if only for an instant

it seems that nothing is truly ever more than an instant.

i must have fallen into a light sleep

as i awake to a familiar feeling against my thigh. my phone is vibrating, indicating a new text message

i lean over to retrieve it from my pocket,

trying to not wake Kellie as i do.

'are you trying to get down?'

the message reads. It is from Derric, a friend i had met while tripping on acid. also a fellow lost soul.

i know what he means

and i jump at any invitation to get higher, if only for an instant

on what? i reply

a great curiosity envelops me

for Derric has the wonderful propensity of always desiring something new and different. In the time I have known him we had dabbled in obscene amounts of acid,

which inevitably led to ridiculous amounts of cheap

, multi-colored ecstasy pills

recently, it had been ketamine

and i had come to enjoy the dissociative very much. it seemed to make an instant last longer. i hoped it was ketamine. i waited for a response.

what i received instead was surprising,

yet i knew what it described

the shit that kills rock stars

he replies

at first I pretend to not know what he means by this

attempting to lie to myself

but I knew very well exactly what he was alluding to.

he meant heroin

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