L'appel Du Vide
L'appel Du Vide school stories

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L'appel Du Vide

by felonious

“I remember the first time I ever saw her.”

Sand and rock crunch under foot and dust settles in the distance, it is starting to get dark, which means the cold is coming. One of those overlooked things that makes the desert so intriguing.

Heat capable of killing a man at noon,

and frost not twelve hours later. The desert is one of my favorite creations,.

“I can recall with clarity exactly what she was wearing,

one of her dad’s old worn sweatshirts over some torn denim jeans, a very trite attempt at trying to be casual

but I adored her for it.

Her eyes were brightly beaming a deep indigo blue.

She had an inspiring smile that could melt the coldest of hearts, even mine” "How I still long to gaze into those illustrious portals to the soul if for only a single instance."

The sun is beginning to set behind the hills in the distance

casting that eerie sunset glow across the saguaro and sage bushes as it bids us farewell

Tire tracks along a stretch of old dirt road

end beneath a beat up pickup truck with a missing tail light and no license plate parked mere feet from the edge of the canyon rim. Surprising to find such a thing in a place such as this.

Desolation is at home here.

"That smile had always been what enamored me the most,

the way she pursed her lips

making her soft cheeks dimple in the most graceful of ways.

How she brushed her hair back behind her ear

while she anxiously gazed at nothing on the ground in front of us"

Boot prints in the sand lead from the truck

to the edge of the canyon rim.

A man is standing there.

Not so much standing, simply existing, seemingly devoid of everything worldly.

"Without you there is no me." He said.

"I want to be with you forever and for always."

Her voice continued, "In this life or the next , I will be there." In that moment he knew what he must do

He inches closer to the edge. He is calm

as he sighs his final breath and says,

"I remember the last time I saw her too."

He steps into the void, ready to see once more her indigo eyes and her warm smiling face.

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