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This is a Story of Revenge, Hate, Rebellion and guilt of a guy who fell into the dark side of the world and witnessed somethings that were not allowed for normal people to see. Join us in his journey to find salvation

ARC -1 (Calm after the storm)

Slowly I Opened My Eyes..........

An eerie silence greeted my ears......

No one was around me.......

As far as I could see.......

There was nothing but a dazzling color..........

A Color which resembles burning Passion.........

A Color which resembles Revenge.........

A Color that would fill my soul .........

Something abhorrent rises in my stomach

It is eating me up from inside

I cannot Breathe


I cannot Breathe


I cannot Breathe


As I am passing out I realize.....

That I .......

never really told her ........

How beautiful is the...

moon today.......








During a scorching hot day, there was a lone man walking in the desert wearing a worn out Robe and a scarf around his neck.

His face wasn't visible but his whole body was exerting an aura of danger and repulsion.

As we went to the town, people were scared to look in his direction as the hairs on their hand stood up when he passed them.

Some people thought he was a bandit but others thought that he might be the guy who was wanted by the empire but no one dared to stop him and ask him about himself.

As he made his way through the town, in his mind there was only a single destination that he was going to and he walked for days in the desert just to go here.

After walking for some time, He came across a worn out Old Wooden style building which looked like it was abandoned for years.

He walked inside and made his way up the stairs to the first room on the right and inside it was a Japanese style room which would have looked beautiful if there wasn't that much dust on

the walls.

For the first time in days, the face of the Man relaxed and as he looked into the mirror, and took his scarf off, it was not a face of a man but of a boy who saw a little too much in this world.

His face was wrinkled and strained but was still pretty and anyone would mistaken him for a girl in her adolescence if they saw him in the past but that face was long gone and now it was

a face of someone who was in pursuit of something which only he knew.

"I never thought that this place would still exist even after that long". Said the boy after having a long sigh and relaxing his body but something was wrong, he sensed that

"Why my heart is beating so fast........?"

" Maybe it is because I still feel them here"

With that thought he looked around the room as his eyes became soft.

He was no more that dangerous man which emitted the aura of danger but he was a man who drowned himself in sorrow and was reminiscing about the past,

his eyes became moist as his knees gave up and he dropped down on the floor and was sobbing endlessly while holding himself and being crumbled his a ball.

"Why it wasn't me" He cried loudly as his tears were not stopping and time passed as he cried uncontrollably

Thankyou for reading this novel. This is my first work and I will be looking forward to writing it.

English is not my first language so please go easy on me, this will be a long story with different characters and emphasis will be on morals.

Notes: For Non Japanese people, Telling someone "The Moon is beautiful today" is an indirect way to say "I Love you" Follow me on : https://novel18.syosetu.com/n2402gv/ as I will be updating this there because it will be a long running series (hopefully)

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