Summer Moon
Summer Moon dark and light stories

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Light and Darkness

Summer Moon

Light and Darkness; have existed in Harmony.

The Dark; ranging from a deranged and torrential

Storm; to the serene calmness of

The Eye.

The Light; a universal symbol of

All Things Good; in the world, to the lethal flames of

A Dragon's Breath.

Evil and Good / Good and Evil

A Paragon of Benevolence caught lying is just as potent as The Fabricator shown genuine.

Neither can be without the other

And so must exist as one.

Life; of any kind, will ultimately end and

Death; in some form, will feed new life.

A Cold Winter Sun rising to meet the frigid morn.

The Light

--shining through the mountains and illuminating the dark green pines and newly blossomed petals of night flowers--

of the first

Summer Moon

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