Hidden in Plain Sight

           Hidden in Plain Sight 
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A potluck, 80 people, 1 intruder. A confusing story by an amateur writer.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Chapter 1 At Plum's house

Every year in Rhubarb street, all the ladies joined together for an annual potluck. A set of eighty people are invited to one of their houses. For the last few years the exact same people were being invited and so was it this year.

The women who organise the potluck were gathered together at Mrs. Abbott’s house. Mrs. Abbott is an old, plump and chubby woman who bore most of the responsibility of the potluck. Due to her features, the children in her neighbourhood called her ‘Auntie Plum’ and so did the adults.

There was only one week till the date of the potluck and there wasn’t a venue yet. Usually the venue for it was decided a month before. Right now, Mrs. Abbott wasn’t pleased with her neighbours

“Is anyone ready to host this year’s potluck? If not, we may have to cancel it. But then, we may never have another one.” Everyone was silent. 'How the hell am I going to get someone to host this thing?' A few minutes passed then, someone stood up so as to say something.

"If you don’t mind, I would love to have the privilege of hosting the party at my house." It was Jaclyn Montgomery. She is an American woman who had moved here five years ago. Abbott smiled. 'What took you so long you little American bitch? '."Well then, I hope nobody has any objections against her proposal". Nobody spoke but she could clearly see that they were pleased with their neighbour.

Within moments, the women began to disperse. "Jaclyn…. Are you familiar with the arrangements needed to be made? I can give you any kind of help that is required". "Actually, I do have a few doubts. Do you mind?"."Not at all dear, ask away!"

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