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Leana has been hit by Hank's car. Is she alive? Based after the BAD ending of the game Detroit Become Human.

Tinman Chapter 9

Fuck!” Nica is still in the car, tears streaming down her face, It is hard for them to believe any of this is actually happening.

Hank leans over to take the girls pulse, and finds it. “ Thank God!” He picks her up and places her in the back of his car, then hops back into the driver seat and drives, destination, the hospital.

Nica looks back at the poor girl, hoping she survives as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

Just before the accident...

I ran as I caught sight of of her, she was running blindly, not paying attention as she crossed into a crop field.

I can run fast if needed, but so can she, and I didn't want to make her anymore distressed than she was.

Her hair was billowing behind her as she ran, she stumbles from time to time, the ground wet and slippery with the rain. She had made it past the crop field, and I couldn't see her anymore.

I held my arm across my face as I ran, the crops smacking into my face as I ran. I heard a screech of tires and a girls scream up ahead.

“Leana!” I yelled speeding up my running, panic setting in. I heard the screech of tires again just as I made the end of the Crops.

I leaped over the railing to see the car speeding away, I used my special vision to zoom in and scan the vehicle, 3 occupants, one is Leana and she's critical. I got the plates.

I know who owns the car and where he lives, all thanks to Zack keeping the Cyberlife Database in my memory.

“Shit!” I swore in frustration at missing them, I walked over to some debris from the car and some Thirium on the ground, obviously from Leana.

I had just received some Coordinates from Karla, we could communicate by wireless transmissions if both parties enabled it.

I transmitted to her that I would be alone and that Leana had been struck by a car and taken by two Humans. She ordered me back immediately, with her apologies.

There was nothing I could do for Leana now, I would find her, but I couldn't face the Humans alone, it was too dangerous.

I headed towards the location of the group, with a heavy heart and a loss of morale. I felt guilty for rejecting her.


At the hospital Hank ran to the back of the car to lift Leana up, that's when he noticed the blue blood on her face, and her l.e.d that was dimly red.

“Of all the Stupid, blind…” He cursed, jumping back into the driver's seat and driving away from the Hospital. “What's wrong?” Nica asked looking back at Leana then spotting the Thirum.

“It's a fucking Android” he said flatly, trying to think of someone who could help. “What are we going to do?” She asked worriedly.

“I have a contact, he should help, though God knows why, the Guys a total prick”

Back at the Androids Hideout...

I returned to the group not really focused, I was hopelessly worried. Karla walked up to me and saw the state I was in.

“Zack, need you to check Nine over” I lifted my head up at the mention of my name, and noticed the RK900 we had saved was now one of us and free from Cyberlife’s control.

He was wearing normal clothing but still had his l.e.d. Many of us preferred to keep it, I was among the few that decided it meant nothing to me.

I smiled, seeing him talking to the others and making friends, it reminded me of when I first ‘Woke’ My smile faltered as my mind returned to Leana, and guilt Gnawed at me again.

Zack came over and retrieved the gun from me, placing it to the side before he scanned me with a bio scanner.

“Well, your Bio components are fine, few scratches here and there” He placed a finger on my nose to get my wandering attention back.

“Your mental health is not doing so great, if you weren't free you'd be going into stasis shock” He said plainly, frowning at Karla when she came to check up on us.

“ He'll be OK, but I wouldn't expect him to stay synced” Karla nodded at the diagnosis and decided to call a meeting to tell the others what had transpired.

All the while I sat there staring into space, wondering if I should have done anything differently. Zack had treated my scratches, and told me to rest and get cleaned up.

There was nothing we could do tonight. Leana was not responding to communications, we hoped she was still alive….

Hank had took the Android to Nicas apartment on her wishes, Leana was laid out on the sofa while Nica was pressing on a wound with some bandages trying to stop the bleeding.

“Elijah Kamski? No it can't wait it's an emergency...

right, what?

Alright yes that's the one, thanks” It was a strange call, but Hank had done this before, and for some reason he trusted Kamski’s Android to stay true to her words,

The man himself wasn't available, but they were sending someone. “How did she know where we are?” He said out loud as he reached for a flannel and wet it under the sink.

He then dabbed the Androids forehead with concern and worry. “I hope they get here soon”

“Yes, yes, several batches, no I won't interfere, I owe him….so?” The voice was Regal sounding and very proud over the phone, they had a deal, but it was secret.

If anyone else found out his life could be in jeopardy.

“Alright but make sure there there, tomorrow” Zack hung up the call just as Paul walked in, “We can't wait til Sunrise, You,

Nine and Karla are heading out to the Humans house in one hour” Zack nodded, that suited him fine, soon he would help Leana and reap the rewards, they didn't need to know everything,

they were always grateful for the supplies he so often knew where to find…. It wasn't betrayal, it was survival.

Karla, Zack and I were dressed casually to fit in, although we had to camouflage the equipment and Android medical care we carried.

I was carrying a plain black duffle bag with the tools we might need. Karla decided she would be point, she had a handgun inside her jacket and a sharp blade concealed in her boot.

Zack had a backpack filled with Thirum pouches and some sensitive equipment.

We were walking towards the address I had gained from the Vehicles registration, “So, how are we doing this?” I ask, as I let a Woman pass us before continuing on the path towards the house.

“ Let's not go hostile, but our Priority is Leana, If they don't let us help, we neutralise them” It seemed harsh, but at the cost of Leanas life it had to be.

Zack was a little unfocused to me, his stress levels were pretty High, and he a was one of the chillest people I knew.

“It's just round this corner” I said quietly, it was still raining, it was a was irritation nothing more.

When the house came into view I had a flashback, it had been awhile since Since I had seen or heard any of RK800-Connor’s memories, so it took me by surprise.

I stopped and dropped the bag down, Karla started scoping the place out, looking for signs of life. Zack lingered near the front door, and pulled out his phone.

I saw Connor breaking the side window, meeting a St Bernard dog who defended its owner laying Comatose on the floor.

“This is a Cops house…” Karla walked up to me, disturbed by my random statement. “How do you know?” I noticed Zacks stress peak a little at my words,”Nine?” She shook my shoulder.

“Some RK900 models were based on a previous models memories, he'd been here before” I stated, It piqued Karlas interest, but Zack didn't show any reaction.

A Dog barked at hearing our voices, and growled near the door. “Hey, I think we should go guys” Zack walked back in the direction we had came from.

“Why exactly?” Karla looked in the Window and was shocked at the sight of a huge Dog on the other side of the glass growling at her. She backed away, but glared at Zack.


” Zack ran around the corner and hid behind a wall, just as a police car with its lights on slowly drove past,

luckily Karla and I had hid behind the dumpsters just as the Officers looked towards the house.

After the car left, I quickly scanned the interior for lifeforms and signs that they had been here recently. Negative.

“No one's been here since this Morning” I groaned frustrated, it was almost dawn, not a good time to be a free roaming Deviant in Detroit.

“I might have a tip for you guys” Zack mentioned as we joined him “They got a call from someone who needed Android Medical help but half hour ago, it could be them? Think we should check it?

” Karla looked at him skeptically, his tips were always good, but this? Was strange. The rain decided to lash down even more and our decision was influenced by the unpleasant weather.

It wasn't too far away, we arrived just as the rain came to a halt. I recognised the Car outside, they were definitely here.

“There's blue blood on the Elevator” I noted for the others, as they were incapable of seeing such things.

“Let's go, we'll play the helpful Cyberlife Employee card” Zack’s mood and stress had reduced significantly, maybe he just didn't like Dogs? Or the Rain?

We got in the Elevator, and rode it to the floor Zack specified. We then stopped at the door, Karla rung the doorbell.

She communicated silently to me, ‘Since when does Zack get repair calls from Cyberlife? And what if they actually show up?

Stay on Alert, something's not right here”I nodded just as the door opened. “Cyberlife” Zack said. The woman looked at us, then opened the door wide and let us enter “Remember WE don't know Leana,

don't react” Karla whispered to us. “Got it” Leana was there laid out on couch. As we approached the Man crouched down beside her pulled out a gun and aimed it at me. “Hold on, what's THAT doing

here?!” I put the bag down and raised my hands. Pain assaulted my temple, I placed my hand over were the pain was worse. “You're a Machine Connor” I heard the shot, saw the bullet heading my

way, felt the strike. I fell to my knees, I was gone, executed. I blinked out of the Memory, I recognised this man pointing the gun at me. Karla stood in front of me protectively as I winced at the

pain. “He's with me, he's an assistant”Zack said smoothly crouching down to Leana, and unzipping the bag I had lowered. “We need to help this Android fast or we're going to lose her!” Zack’s

warning worked, Hank lowered his gun and walked to the Woman who opened the door. She was staring at me in fear.

Continued in Chapter 10 This is my first DBH Fanfic. Any comments are appreciated Louise x

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