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The RK900 "Connor" was thwarted by an unknown Android of the same model. Who is it? Something sounds familiar..... This story is based on the BAD ending of the game Detroit Become Human and is set after those events

Tinman Chapter 7

Richard wasn't stopping, he had Michael pinned to the floor and was ripping him to pieces.

Suddenly a long sharp pole struck right through Richards head, his body fell to the side, lifeless and still. “Hate doing this” The Android said as he knelt down to check on the other Android.

“Status?” He asked it, waving a command to the group that was there to stand down.

Michael was in a terrible state, missing limbs and units, but one thing was not so bad, his Thirum loss had been minimised. “ Less than optimal” Michael replied teasingly.

His program has adapted to use humour instead of facing of the harsh reality of things.

“Help him please” The Saviour asked his people, they did so, lowering their weapons and carrying the injured Android away.

Nica was beside Gavin who was acting tough while she cried, Detective Greyson was standing, her arms folded taking in the situation and staring at Richards deactivated body.

The Savior approached them, “Shit, sorry I couldn't get here earlier, I'll get you an ambulance” The Android used his call making application to Real time call the Ambulance to the scene.

“Hey are you gonna be alright?” He addressed Nica who finally looked at him, “Connor?!"

She exclaimed in surprise, he looked just like him, but the Kind, innocent, Puppy like one she remembered, not the ruthless sadistic one he had become.

He smiled at her “Actually I don't have a name, I hope I helped?” They all were in shock, they hadn't expected their own Androids to attack each other and themselves.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, coming their way. “ I'm sorry, we have to go” The Android got up and walked towards the rest of the group.

“That's it?!” Gavin stood up shakily with the help of Nica. “It's not over” Gavin growled, it made the android pause and look back at them, then he continued to retreat with the others.

The next day Nica was staring out her apartment window, it was raining heavily, the noise of the howling wind outside and the water hitting the window somehow calmed her nerves.

Her arms were wrapped around herself as if that would give her some comfort over the other days events. She wasn't alone, Hank sat on the sofa, quietly, wringing his hands.

He felt guilty, angry and confused at what had transpired, that Android adored Nica, to the point of overprotectiveness.

What changed in a day to make it so different? Is that what happened to Connor? Some innate program flicked a switch and made him ruthless?

He was thinking of the past, and the older model RK800. Suddenly Nica spoke to break the silence.“Detective Greyson quit, she couldn't handle it anymore. They severed her connection to the Android, just to be sure” Nica said tonelessly.

“They still want me and Gavin to capture the Deviants, can you believe that?!” She growls, on the point of being too emotionally charged.

Sasha plods in and sits up on the couch by Hank, looking at him thoughtfully.

“Didn't you say a RK900 saved you?” Hank questioned, intrigued “ Just maybe not all of them have gone nuts” Nica turned around, her face pale.

“It was so scary Hank, 2 of them tearing pieces of each other, and Connor….

It was like a Demon had possessed him” ‘ I doubt Demons possess Androids’ Hank thought logically, “Cyberlife are sending more Androids to investigate” Hank explained.

Nica was shaking her head “ No, I won't, I trusted him and he tried to kill Gavin” Hank added dryly”Haven't we all wanted him dead at one time or another?

”She muffled a laugh, grateful at his presence and his humour. “Take the time off, relax, forget about those plastic pricks” He stood and gave her a hug.

“Don't take candy from strangers” He teased, she knocked him a little with her fist, now she was smiling again, Job done.

“We have to get far away from here, we knew they'd come looking, It's Zacks fault for not taking him back” It was the Woman who had kept the Police officers at bay.

She looked right at the Android, No remorse from her words.

“You realise Cyberlife sent them for you? Now you save another and expect them not to retaliate?

”Michael was laid out on a medical trolley, Zack was working over him, occasionally looking over at the conversation but otherwise busy.

Here there were many Androids and Humans living together, underground. Leana walked past The Leader to the one that stopped it, and stood by his side.

“He intervened,you didn't” Karla narrowed her eyes at the accusation, but she had no rebuttal.

“Anyway, let's move as soon as we can, I'm not letting them find us here” Karla added, most of the Humans followed behind her, a few stayed behind, having close bonds with The Androids here.

There were at least 60 of them. They all looked to the RK900 there, ‘The Saviour’ was his Nickname, He had no given name and was wearing normal human clothes, his l.e.d

had long since been removed.

“We've come a long way from that truck and having Thirum in your hair” Leana giggled as she came over to me and held my hand.

I genuinely smiled at her, Leana and I had gotten close since then, we weren't lovers or anything of the sort, we just trusted each other implicitly.

When Zack had rebooted me I felt free, no programming just me and my free will.

I've never looked back and never wanted to return to Cyberlife, I have memories, visions and voices in my head, but Zack assures me it was a batch programming fault.

Cyberlife had unknowingly bestowed 500 of its RK900 series with memories from its predecessor RK800 known as ‘Connor’.

The strange behaviour of the Police dept Androids was due to the countermeasure that Cyberlife had made to purge the RA9 virus, it mutated with the Virus making them unstable,

Irrational and violent. “ Nine can you help me here?” Zack had called me Nine or Nines since that day, I had no name, but I responded to it as a given.

“Hold this” I held the tool above the Androids eye, keeping it steady, I was hoping he would pull through, he risked so much to protect those people, I felt an affinity towards him.

Zack removed his gloved hands from is chest, they were stained with Thirum. “ Hmm, I've reprogrammed him, got rid of the faults, and his Biocomponents and parts have all been replaced.

”Leana pats Zack on the shoulder twice ‘Good Job’ “ Now let's hope he's as placid as you are Nine” He teased,

I smirked back at him “Well we can't all be Tigers I suppose” “Meow” Leana hide behind a crate and was making cat noises, I knew she was calling me a Pussy Cat, it was her thing that she did,

always teasing about my gentle and protective nature.

I pretended not to have heard her and walked past the crate,

slinked around behind it about to ambush me but I turned around and grabbed her by the waist lifting her up and spinning her around as she giggled and shrieked.

I laughed at her pitiful attempts to get out of my grasp, Zack groaned rolling his eyes at us.

“Like a pair of lovesick teens you two” He complained, but he was also grinning at us, I let her get loose and chased her back and forward around the crates,

“No fair Nine you'rebeing mean to me!” She playfully pouted as I blocked her escape route for the third time. “So who's a Kitty cat then?” I raised an eyebrow at her, pretending I was serious.

“Alright you win, you're not a Kitty cat” I knew her game and let her slip past me.

“You're puppy dog!” she added, ‘Yup she never likes to lose, and teasing me seems to be one of her top missions in life. “Your toast now” I warned mocking that she better run for her life.

“Good Grief” Zack sighed, watching us zig zagging around the Factory floor, “And they say they have no souls….

How wrong they are”I caught her this time as she was going through a doorway, so her hands gripped the frame.

“Ah, that's cheating!” I complained, as she struggled in my grip whilst holding onto the doorframe. “What are you doing?” I got embarrassed as Paul walked past us, not impressed at our display.

“Nine, we're talking about another Revolution and you two are doing what exactly?” I let Leana go and she stumbled back into me clumsily.

She didn't act upset at all, and gave me a playful shove before standing with her arms crossed at Paul.

He gave us an unimpressed look “There's no time to be flirting and Canoodling” He shoved a Rifle into my hand. Leana, was angry, and she walked behind him not letting him away with it.

”We're not doing any of that Paul? Don't you know that word Fun?"

He rounded on her and was right up in her face “Fun is not hoping they find you when your trying to keep people safe!” He growled, returning her glare at him. “Your boyfriend here did more

trouble than good” I lowered my eyes, wondering what I could have done better. “Leave him alone” It was a voice we all knew and respected, Karla, She walked right up to Paul and he lowered his eyes in

Submission. “He did more than any of us did, plus we have a new member. Their off our tail for now, thanks to Nine” The tables were lined with weapons, even specialised Emp devices, but we only

had two, they could shut down an Rk900 temporarily for around 20 minutes. Some of us even had scanning deflectors which made us show up as being Human to any Android, that included Thermal scans

too. That equipment was also rare, as Zack was the Main Doctor/Engineer and he had yet to pass his knowledge on due to time restraints. Karla is our Leader, Paul her Subordinate, we work with

the Humans here and not against them. They are our friends, family and possibly our Soulmates, by how Karla interacts with Greg. I'm sure their relationship is not as platonic as she'd like us to


Continued in Chapter 8 This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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