Tinman Chapter 6 Warning:Violence
Tinman Chapter 6

Warning:Violence hankanderson stories

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Set after the events of the Bad Ending of Detroit Become Human. Follow an RK900 Android on his secret mission.

Tinman Chapter 6 Warning:Violence

It was the next day, todays main priority was to track down the Deviant group and capture, if possible. We would all be working together on this.

I was waiting by an abandoned Factory window, my Partner, Miss Taylor was already inside with the other female detective and her Android.

We were waiting on Dct Reid with his Android, we had heard rumours that this had been a difficult transition for both.

A car pulls up, Richard gets out and walks right into the building, ignoring me.

‘Well hello to you too’ It irritated me that he seemed to think he was Alpha of our group without proving anything.

Dt Reid got out the drivers side of the car, his appearance had changed since I last encountered him.

Obviously he wasn't sleeping properly, his eyes were almost black in color, I scanned him and realised it wasn't just sleep deprivation.

He had multiple wounds and bruises, caused by? It didn't tell me what it was caused by.

“Are you alright Detective?” He visibly jamp, he must have just been alerted to my presence, he composed himself, before walking towards me.

“Don't talk to me” He seethed before walking into the building. ‘Updated orders, don't talk to Dct Dick, got it’

I followed in behind him, Michael smiled towards me, I just nodded acknowledging him. His partnership was a good match and benefited both of them and the mission.

Mine? I wanted to distance myself from any attachment that I felt growing, this Model would be back to normal soon .

Veronica raised an eyebrow at me, she had noticed my behaviour and was confused.

I didn't even respond, I decided that the girl was inexperienced as a Detective, too fragile and not worth my interest. She's a liability to the case.

“There are traces of Thirum all around this room” Richard spoke up, looking to the group “So more Androids huh?” Lt Greyson added, taking her gun from her holster.

“ Alright search for more traces, if you find any Deviants take them into custody” It seemed a Human leader had been decided upon, the others also armed themselves.

We Androids however were probably deadlier without a weapon.

They searched together, a sound strategy, but I was curious about a sound I could hear, it was a high pitched whine, not unlike that of a dog whistle.

I separated from the group and walked towards the noise, Thirum was indeed present here, and there were signs of Humans also, and Cats.

I got up from inspecting the feline hair and looked around, alarmed. “Hey Tinman, care to join us?” Dct Reid had followed me and looked at me disapproval written all over his features.

I'm not gonna waste my time with him, another Human who is all bark and no bite. I walked past him, shoving him slightly with my elbow to show how much I respected him.

“Tch, prick” As I walked towards the others, my senses flared, we were not alone.

The room was filled with Humans all armed, how did they sneak up on us?

“Back up! Get over there,” A woman ordered, A Human I think, I was busy processing how many armed people there were and if our group had any chance to take them on.

We did as ordered, Only one banister was between us and a huge drop into what looked like an abyss. Most of them were armed and our rate of success was below 7%.

I queried with Cyberlife as I made an immediate update that we had found the Deviants and were outnumbered.

“You, Humans, on your knees, hands up” The Woman approached with a gun pointed towards us.

The Humans did as ordered, us RK900s were watching the enemy closely, we had already scanned the scene and people within. We were in contact with one another, as only androids could.

“We have to protect our Humans, let's just try and get them out of here” Michael urged but Richard didn't like that “Really? After everything they've put us through?

We should probably join the Deviants” I looked at Michael then Richard.

Had he become so tortured by the Human that he'd become a Deviant? “We’re unarmed, we're the losers here, I say we comply until an opportunity arises”

The Woman looks at each of us, Michael is under duress due to his bond with the Human, Richard seems to want to join them? Me?

I want answers, I'm curious why there are NO Androids here other than us.

“Police then? Why? What do the Dpd want with a freedom group? We've hurt no one” Detective Reid laughed, and the gun was trained on him in an instant.

Richard had an window of opportunity, she was right next to him, he could easily take the gun from her and we could spring into action. ‘Come on!’ I thought, but I saw it, his l.e.d was blue this whole time.

It started to make sense, the ease of entry into the building, the lack of Androids, Richard had always been one of them. I severed my connection to that RA9 riddled Idiot.

Richard grabbed Dt Reid by the throat and lifted him up, his feet dangling off the ground.Michaels l.e.d flashes red, the stress of the situation had urged him into action.

Michael lunged for Richard, and the two tumbled over the floor before coming to a stop. Dt Reid was flung over the banister, and yelled in fear as he barely hung on.

The guns were trained on the human detectives, they were distracted by my brethren’s heated battle. Thirum splattered onto the floor as Michael literally tore some of Richards face off.

'Killing Machines are all that we are’ I thought, “You just gonna let me die? Tinman?" My attention was drawn to the voice of

the detective as I watched him helplessly hanging there, I was enjoying it, seeing the fear in his eyes, flashbacks of how he'd treated RK800 had influenced my decision.

I was smiling at him, all to the other Detectives horror.

“Connor please!

Help him” Her words hurt me, temporarily removing my sadist state, Veronica looked pained as she saw my condition, it was effecting me, but it wasn't enough,

I had never formed a bond with a Human, yes it had come close, but fate had chosen me to be one of the Harbingers of their destruction.

I loathed them, Hank, Nica, this Fool at my feet, I want to see them in pain, I want to see their Red, red blood “He deserves to Die” I replied walking closer and lifting my foot,

the sheer terror on his face gave me blissful pleasure I never even knew I could feel, ‘RA9 successfully removed’ My system glitched for a moment, and it was enough to stop me from moving.

Meanwhile the group of Assailants were completely taken in by the battling Androids, they were taking chunks out of each other, bare handed,

the people scattered as Michael is flung to the other end of the room, missing his left arm, his right side of his face and deeply wounded in his side.

Richard just as bad, half of his face has a deep slash across it, Thirum spewing down his front, his left leg is inoperable, and his right hand is lying on the ground discarded.

”Please stop this!” Veronica pleaded, almost screaming, tears streaming down her face. The other Detective seemed resigned as she lowered her head down.

An Android had walked unnoticed through the chaos, he made his way to the ailing Detective, and me.

I had finally won out, the glitching was gone and all that was left? Sweet pleasure from seeing this Asshole breathe his last.

I brought my boot down on his hand with such force he screamed in agony and you heard the bones break and shatter, “How Delightful’ I mused, reveling in his anguish.

“How's this then?” Too late I realised my arrogance and focus had been in the wrong place. I jolted forward as I was pushed with such force I didn't have time to react.

I toppled over my Victim, and the last thing I saw.... was myself?

Looking down from ledge watching me fall into the dark gloom and the sharp crack at the bottom of my descent was the end of my existence.

To be continued.... This is NOT the END

To be Continued in Chapter 7 This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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