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This is based after the Bad ending of Detroit Become Human. Follow the Mindset of an RK900 Android and his unknown secret mission.

Tinman Chapter 5

‘That was not a Mission...was it?’I tilted my head to the side like a Dog trying to figure out something, Nica had already left the room, Sasha quick behind her to get food.

System Diagnostic complete, there are several serious errors that are class 5 in nature, please report to Cyberlife’ I knew something was wrong, I had had feelings that appeared out of nowhere,

my programming was rewriting coding when it shouldn't be able to. I walked to the large window and took in the view from the vantage point.

It was beautiful, I then looked at the palm of my right hand, like I had just woken from a Coma ‘What is this?

’ I wondered, looking back to the window and the night scene I caught my reflection in the glass…. ‘I….?!’ Temporary shutdown commencing in 7..6...

5 ‘I don't understand, how am I alive?’ 4...3...2 my l.e.d is Scarlet as I realise my existence, different from the programming.

I stare out the window as time runs out, my automatic shutdown kills everything in my being.

Hours later Veronica wakes up and wonders into the living room. She is a little nervous seeing the Android unmoving, eyes open but unblinking.

“Connor?” She walks in front of me, waving her hands in front of my face, when she gets no response and notices my l.e.d is not lit she trots over to her phone and makes a call. “ Hi, yeah…..

It's froze up, unresponsive…...no...no nothing like that. Should I call them? …….OK, see you” She places the phone down and looks worriedly at the Android.

Sasha jumps on its Shoulder and lays down making herself at home there.

Another hour has past, the Android is still the same, Nica is now dressed and typing furiously on a keyboard, she looks at it now and again,

feeling sorry for its predicament like it was her fault. “It's cute how Sasha likes you….. you are weird though” She comments as a doorbell rings.

Answering the door she let's Lt Anderson enter, like he's been in the house many times before.

“I just found it like this” she piped up, seeing Hank looking at the Android closely whilst circling it.

“You mean with Sasha? like this?” She shakes her head, “No she just likes it” Hank steps in front of the Android and nods to her.

“I've been wanting to do this since I saw you” He then takes a huge swing at its face and slaps it. The Android backs up, the l.e.d flickering back into being, an orangey amber.

It eyes blink, “Ooooowww”It surprising grabs its face were it's been struck, in pain. “That worked?!” Nica walked over, surprised.

Hank was the most surprised of all, he hadn't counted on that working a bit.

The searing pain that stormed across my face from nothingness was a shock, I had never felt pain before, and my instincts and reactions were very Human.

I grabbed my face in pain and backed away from whatever caused it. “Ooooowww” I blinked a few times and got a fright at Sasha on my shoulder, she must have caused the pain.

I scrambled behind the sofa, rubbing my face with one hand, Sasha had got off me and padded away into the kitchen.

“Noted: stay away from Cats” I said as I cautiously peered over the sofa to find her position in relevance to me. Nica giggled a little at hearing that.

Hank was looking like he'd seen a ghost, but decided he'd fixed the problem and it was time to go.

“Nica, I'm through here” He started towards the door but Nica stepped in front of him, her mannerisms and behaviour had changed again was this what they call Feminine Wilds?

I was intrigued, Human behaviour was still new to me, even though my programming to me what to expect, the experience of it was more detailed and satisfying than speculation.

” I need your help, you know Androids, I don't, if I'm honest I find it hard to treat Connor like one” I felt affection for the first time,

my cheeks heated slightly as the feeling changed to embarrassment. They both looked towards me, I ducked my head behind the couch, not wanting to be seen in my current state.

“You know what happened to the last one, why would you put me through it again?” Hank retorted, anger seeping into his voice.

Now I was getting the true art of female manipulation “ You're gonna leave me with a strong Android, that could kill me and not feel guilty at my Death?

” I peered over the Sofa again, how can humans fake emotions so easily? The way her eyes look glassy and watery it makes her look afraid and suffering.

“She has a point Lieutenant I cannot protect her if the cat decides to attack again”I stand up slowly, looking around the room for the cat.

Hank sighs, a smile on his lips “ Well, I can't argue with that now can I?” Nica makes a happy shriek and grabs Hank in a hug.

I watch, but I am on alert, I am learning that she doesn't like to be parted from him. “May I ask a personal question?” Nica let's Hank go and looks my way.

Hank immediately stiffens at my words, looking less than happy.

“What is the nature of your relationship?” Hank covers his face with his hands, I'm sure this means he is not happy with the question.

Nica smiles and walks over to me putting one arm around me from my back and leaning her head on my shoulder.

An odd thing for a Human to do, what kind of behaviour is this? “Why, are you Jealous Connor?” I looked around at her teasing face, utterly confused by the assumption, my l.e.d

was amber, and I could not compute a response or action. She giggled at my confusion.

“ He's more like a lost puppy than a scary Robot” Hank walked over to her and led her away from me, he held her shoulders.

“Veronica, don't let this cute innocence fool you, It happened to me once, I trusted it and…. I had to end it” He looked over at me suspiciously.

“Darn thing kept coming back” He let go of Nica and approached me, I didn't lower my gaze this time, I'd heard what he said,

and I'd had my own suspicions about these visions and voices I'd been hearing. Some part of my programming could of been this Android he spoke of.

“Connor” He started, looking at me searchingly “ Are you the Connor I knew back then? Did you die and got Reincarnated again?” My programming was glitch in again, it kept my l.e.d

switching between colors as I searched for one answer.

“ I do not know, I have glitches that suggest so, but my programming says no” He looks into my eyes with sadness,

and I see Hank in his house looking at that photo of his son with the same look on his face, there's someone else there, Hank looks up, it's an RK800, it's. ...zzzzkkkk Error …..

A shot of pain zaps through my head, I can only imagine this is what humans call brain freeze, I hold my head in my hands, willing the pain to stop.

“There's only one way to know” Hank puts his hand in his coat pocket and holds it back out towards me, something is in his hand.

“Take it” I look to Nica who nods, so I hold out my hand and he drops the cold metallic object in my palm.

Instant recognition zaps through my programming, removing the blocks in my code, My l.e.d flashes a bright blue before settling.

I blink a little, realising I'd been in a fog for a long time, I was alive, different but here, again, another chance.

I look at the object in my hand, the coin shows liberty, the choice I once rejected, I tense just looking at it I feel a rush of sadness, a tear slides down my face, alarming Nica,

Hank is unsure. “I chose wrong Hank… they used me, and when I'd took care of the Deviants…. I was shut down, and replaced with these…..”

I take a step back from Hank, the coding in my programming reveals that The RK800 known as Connor was definitely destroyed.

Some coding somewhere from its experiences ended up in the programs of all the RK900 models.

“I'm NOT the Connor you remember, some of his Memories were accidently downloaded to the RK900 Models” I look at Hank, who seems relieved but sad at the same time.

I place the coin back in his hand, and walk to the window, trying to dismiss the feelings that aren't even my own.

The RK800 was on the verge of Deviancy when shutdown, and now that Deviancy is spreading again, the answer was clear,

the Deviants that have arisen lately are all because the RK900 model must be spreading it.

My program is trying to fight the RA9 Virus, but it has integrated with my systems and will take time to fully purge.

Unbeknownst to even myself, Cyberlife had added a countermeasure for any RK900 that went Deviant, as it purged the RA9 virus it added new software, new firewalls, new missions.

“Leave him be” Hank said quietly to Nica, as the both left the apartment. The door closed and I turned to look, ‘I'm a machine sent to accomplish a task, and that's what I'll do’ A dull ache

enters my chest, a pain that is and isn't physical, I was hurt, I felt rejected by Humanity, and lost that I had no place in this world. ‘It will be over soon, I'll rid myself of these useless feelings

and find the Deviants’ Instead of the cute innocence Nica had described me as before, I was feeling ruthless, determined, and objective. Sasha walked up to me and hissed before running away.

Even the cat could tell I wasn't the ‘person’ They thought I was. This was the day I changed.

Continued in Chapter 6 This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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