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Based on events after the BAD ending of Detroit Become Human. Follow in the mindset of An RK900 Android as he tries to acomplish his Secret mission.

Tinman Chapter 4

Nica and I are walking down the streets, I am closest to the kerb, we are quiet, the only sounds are the vehicles traveling along the road and the beeping and alerts of the crosswalk.

When we reach a more crowded area Nica visibly is walking closer beside me than she had been. The laughter coming from a bar seems to have triggered this reaction in her.

“Are you alright?” I ask quietly, she gasps audibly, I must have broke her out of her concentration.

”I'm fine” she replies, but it is unconvincing, her eyes never leaving the pavement as we walk. It didn't take us long to reach a tall apartment complex, she stops and looks at me quizzically.

I try to ponder her thoughts, using my body language algorithms, I clasp my hands behind my back, waiting for orders. “Uh….What I am I meant to do with you?” I tilt my head, it didn't compute.

“Is there a problem?” I ask flatly. She fishes her keys from her coat pocket and looks back to the doorway entrance.

“Connor, I've never brought anyone, you know?” She is making a weird gesture with her eyebrows as well as looking up. Her cheeks are a little flushed.

“Do you need water? I can go to the store for you?” She gives me the same confused tilt of the head I gave her earlier, I just await a response, while she visibly starts fiddling with her keys.

A car horn sounds behind us and the vehicle pulls over beside us.

I turn toward the car, I decide to make a detailed map of the area quickly so I can attain water to cool Nica down as she is overheating.

Nica grins and walks over to the car door, the window lowers so the driver can be seen. It's Lieutenant Anderson.

I've already decided that Hank is no threat to Nica, so I think I should complete my mission.

“Hey how's it going?” Nica beams happily at Hank, she kneels down at the door so she is eye level with him. On second thoughts, Hank might be a threat after all.

She obviously seems Very comfortable in his presence, it's the happiest I've seen her yet, the earlier trepidation vanished. I decide to stay put, for now.

“All's good so far” Hank replies, he also looks very happy in her presence, his eyes turn to me. “Any trouble?” The question is directed to my Partner, but his target is definitely myself.

She looks at us both, something dawns on her, I can see it in her expression, also her body temperature has risen and she seems guilty?

“Oh shit, I'm sorry Hank, I didn't think!” She stands up holding the pane of the window and looks apologetic towards the Lieutenant, he smirks in response and ruffles her hair softly.

I take a step towards them, my l.e.d going from amber to red. The simple interaction triggered my programming to think this was a threat.

It made no sense to me why that would be the case though.

I return my hands behind my back, and look to the doorway of the Apartments, trying to refute my programming as it was still urging me to intervene.

Hank looks my way quizzically noticing the l.e.d but says nothing about it. I don't look, I can feel their eyes on me, but I refuse to look back.

“I never would've agreed if I'd remembered” Nica apologetically breaks the awkward moment. “I…”Tears start to well in her eyes as she looks to hank.

"Hey, shhh it's alright, not your fault” I look back to see their interaction, Hank wiping tears away from her eyes.

That's when my programming wins out, I quickly walk behind Nica and lift her up in my arms in a Princess carry and step back, away a few paces from the Vehicle.

Nica shrieks at the suddenness of my behaviour and Hank gets out of the car and points his gun at my head. Nica doesn't resist, she is overheating again and looking at me with many emotions.

Hanks attention is on me, he's unsure of me but his behaviour is defensive bordering on aggressive.

I look at Nicas face she is blushing and looking embarrassed, Her eyes search mine for answers.

So I respond to her inquiry “I insist we acquire H2o to cool you down, you are losing moisture and your temperature is raised to dangerous levels “ A second later Hank lowers his gun,

he grins then laughs at the situation, while Nica goes a shade of scarlet and pummels her fists on my chest, mortified.

“Put me down” She orders, I do, and she takes a few steps away from me, glaring in an affronted way. “Oh this is Gold” Hank replaces his gun in his holster, very much amused by our interaction.

“Never do that again Connor!” Nica hisses at me, clearly displeased at my concern for her well being, I shall have to alter and adapt my programming. I look affronted, my l.e.d

calmed now to yellow. Hanks banter stops at the mention of my name, and becomes serious again, his attention back to her.

“Any trouble, come see me, after all, I know his type” His expression is deadpan as he looks at me. My l.e.d turning back to red.

My programming seems to glitch around Lt Anderson, it freezes and searches for codes of programming that do not exist, I have to constantly override it, maybe he's just a unique Human?

I lower my eyes to the pavement, that feeling of Human guilt and shame fills my being due to the failure in my programming and something unattainable.

She looks between us, bewildered at the Venom that Hank was showing towards Me and no less surprised by my cowed, submissive behavior in turn.

“Oh! That's right!” Hank and I look at Nica, broken out of the moment “Where does it sleep? I don't want people thinking I'm bringing a guy home with me” My l.e.d

calms from red to yellow to Blue. ‘I must fetch water at some point, My partner seems to have an overheating problem’ ”It don't sleep, at most it can can go into Standby mode..

Though I don't think you'll have a problem, It seems protective enough of you”

He slyly smirks at her and gives her a wink before returning to his vehicle and starts the engine. “Connor!” My attention is snapped back from the ground to the Lt.

“Don't let anything happen to her, yah hear me?” It was a warning, but also a small sign of trust. “Of course Lieutenant” Hanks eyes looked pained for a moment at my voice.

“See ya around” He smiled and gave a small wave with his hand towards Nica before driving off.She waved back, then walked towards the door, looking back at me with trepidation.

“Come on, let's get some Water” I nodded, happy to be able to accomplish a task that was of the essence.

“Preferably Cold” I added looking straight ahead as the door opened, she gave me a glare and punched me lightly on the shoulder.

I watched her as she walked ahead of me, her posture emitting slight irritation. ‘Guess I'll need to adapt more’ I thought, as I followed her towards the lift and then her apartment.

The night had been unproductive, Nica had ordered me on Standby mode shortly after entering the Apartment.

The Encounter with Lt Anderson had altered her perspective on myself or Androids, as to when I first met her.

I shut down most of my functions, but kept my audio receivers active, Cyberlife ordered me to protect Miss Taylor,

and I felt obligated to bend my orders slightly so I could make sure she was safe. I closed my eyes, I was standing in the Hallway just beside the entranceway.

I could hear her humming a tune as she moved things around, the TV was switched on, and she must have become immobile after that, as I could only make out the Television.

Diagnostic in progress….. Several issues came up in my programming, Software Instabilities. Should be easy enough to counter….

Detroit Police have again been seen with multiple new prototype Androids, Is this the way of the future? Will our Police force be replaced by machines?

The TV droned on, instead of finding it interesting, I found it irritated me.

‘These Software issues might be worse than I first thought’ My Standby mode was interrupted by motion by my feet, I blinked and looked down.

A pair of Golden Feline eyes looked back at me from the gloom. “Meeooow” It then rubbed it's body against my legs.

‘A Cat? Do I have anything on Cats?

’ I checked quickly through my Data and nothing was related to Homelife, Animals, Domestic chores, and several other key factors of Humanity were not installed in my programming.

I was not Authorised to change it either. A Memory wipe was due in 1 hour, only keeping essential information gained from my Missions.

That included that Nica needed more Water to keep cool than most Humans, for her Health. The cat jumped upon my shoulder, purring, demanding attention by headbutting my cheek.

I awkwardly walked towards the living room, balancing the cat Precariously on my shoulder and she stood on all four legs.

I found Veronica, lying asleep on the Sofa, she still had all her clothing on, she like me must have went in Standby mode as soon as she got in.

I noted the fact that she acted Energetic, but was in fact overworking herself. I kneeled down in front of her, but the Cat refused to get off. I decided measures had to take place, I stretched

my hand towards her face, then tapped her cheek. “Detective Taylor? Please wake up” I said it at a normal level, hoping that would be enough, but she turned away from me, still in sleep. Phase 2?

I put my hand on her shoulder and shook, “ Detective I need your Help” This got a response and she slapped my hand away and sat bolt upright. I stood up, with the cat still perched. “What time is

it?” She yawned, stretching her arms upward. “ It's 4.21am” Noticing her arms outstretched I reached for both her hands and clasped them. She jumped a little and looked at me “ What are you doing?"

her tone suggested my offer was not well received. “Helping you up?” I answered softly, I felt a little hurt that whatever I seemed to do lately was always wrong. I let go of her hands and

stepped back, giving her room. My .l.e.d was processing yellow to blue and back again. She huffed as she got up and then noticed her pet on my shoulder. “Sasha what you doing? Get down” Sasha made

a mrrow noise in response and plopped onto the floor. ‘Mission Successful’ My programming is really messed up lately…..

Continued in Chapter 5 This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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