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Chapter 3 of Tinman. Based after the BAD ending of Detroit Become Human. Following the story of an RK900 Android and it's unknown secret Mission.

Tinman Chapter 3

All 3 of us seemed to stand straighter as she approached us again. “You three will be working with the D.P.D

and other teams on numerous cases” She glanced at each of us, “Humans need to label things, it's their way” My .l.e.d

was yellow, as she spoke orders were being downloaded into my system, permissions and information and….

Combat maneuvers, Firearms training, First aid, Army maneuvers on stealth, sabotage, killing in all forms, psychology, behavioural algorithms,

terrorist and hostage plans as interrogator information. ‘This is a bit overboard, unless we're going to War with another Country’ I thought.

Amanda placed her hand on the Forward going Android “Rk900 you are now known as Richard” His .l.e.d showed that he had processed his new title. “My name is Richard” He replied.

As she did the same to the Android beside me I wondered, what about the others waiting back there? Do they get a name?

“Rk900 you are now known as Michael” “My name is Michael” She stopped in front of me and handed me the Rose. “ You already know your Name” My l.e.d

startled to red, her words had the desired effect “My Name is Connor” I responded, turned away from us back to her roses and started to prune at them.

“ You may go now” Michael and Richard walked away down the same path.

I lingered, watching her work, whilst I felt the thorn of the rose jab into my thumb, I noticed no other of the roses had any thorns except the one in my hand.

I left taking the flower with me, a small stain of blue remained on the thorn.

That Evening we were transported to the Detroit Police Department building,

A Cyberlife representative walked ahead of us showing their ID to the specific checkpoints Several police officers turned to stop and stare as we were escorted into the main Office space.

We stood in a line behind the Cyberlife Employee as he was Met by the Superintendent. “Obviously this is them” He glanced at us and a small shock past his features.

“ Just need you to sign here, don't worry they know what to do after you've assigned them” I look around at the staring faces, most look away when they notice one of us glancing at them,

but a few a curious enough not to show the reaction I was getting familiar with, fear.

“ Detective Greyson, report here please” The superintendent called, we see a Woman wearing a long black leather jacket approach us her demeanour shows egotistical qualities but overall,

common sense. “One of these Androids has been assigned to you” He comments before the Cyberlife Employee uses a small scanner to scan the Detective, then Michaels left eye.

“Okay Michael, Your with Detective Greyson now” Some of the gawkers had left,back to their work. Whilst Michael walked away with his assigned Human.

The Superintendent called another name, but for some reason I wasn't focused, My thoughts were of….something.

It was bothering me, something at the back of My mind that refused to reveal what it's secrets were. “You're kidding right?” The young Man sneered at us both, and I felt tense? My l.e.d

was dark orange, I was now on alert as I sensed hostility and venom from this Human. Richard must have felt similar, but his l.e.d

was yellow and a little less guarded than I was at that moment.

“Frigging plastic picks come in packs now!” “Detective Reid!” The Man in charge barked “You WILL do this for the Investigation!

” Deceive Reid glowerd at us both, then stopped at the Cyberlife Contact “Get it over with” He prompted as the scan registering took place.

“Richard your with Detective Reed here” Richard, made a small nod gesture towards the Human, which made him scoff as he walked off with Richard on his heels.

“I'm late, I know” The familiar voice made me look at the man walking towards us, he looked up as he noticed the Cyberlife Employee with his Boss and eyed me.

“Hank your late again” The Boss scolded, but Hanks eyes never left me, he seemed shocked, sad, happy and grieved?

‘That's quite a mix of emotions to have’ I thought, I felt uneasy at the Humans stare and looked over at the Window. “Um, had some stuff to clear up...

so anyone telling me why we have an Android here?” He walked to his desk and sat on the edge, his behaviour had turned to defiance, and he never looked my way.

“That's none of your concern this time” The Boss dismissed his question, and returned to his work. I was looking at my shoes, not understanding this sense of shame I felt.

“Hey Nica, come meet your new Partner” A young Woman walked over carrying some files, I could tell she was inexperienced socially from her mannerisms, but she was dutiful to her job.

“Yes Sir?” “This is Connor he's gonna be helping you out” Everyone turned when they heard something smash to the floor after what the Boss had said.

“Hank? What's the noise?” Hank didn't respond, he was on the ground clearing up the mess from the broken cup. The Cyberlife employee scanned her eye, then mine.

I felt a gate shut in my programming, and also a new folder emerge with info on my partner. “Um well, uh, follow me I guess” She walked past me, struggling with the files and down a corridor.

I followed but looked over to where the smash had happened, Hank wasn't there. When I caught up to her she was struggling to open a door.

“ Here let me assist you” Her eyes met mine for the first time, taken aback a little a light blush appeared on her cheeks as I took the files from her as she opened the door.

“Hmm, okay, this is Home Sweet Home for awhile” She patted the long oval table before sitting down to a computer.

I placed the files where she patted and stood behind her, with my hands clasped behind my back, awaiting instructions.

She was busy typing, forgetting my presence, I didn't find it rude at all, it was the perfect opportunity to go over all the information I had received lately. Nica, a nickname, obviously.

Her full Name was Veronica Taylor, 27, Junior Detective, recently promoted. Specialises in Electronic Hacking, computer systems and decoding.

My Role is to prioritise her protection and work together with the others to find a Large group of Humans harbouring Deviants, who have made several robberies and assaults around Detroit.

”Oh!” Nica exclaimed as she turned the chair around and got a fright at me standing there. “ I forgot you were there, your so quiet Connor” She smiled switching the computer off.

“You know what? I think that's enough for now, so relax and We'll go get Coffee yeah?” Her inability to look me in the eyes made me curious as to why she avoided eye contact.

“Sure Nica, shall I call a Cab?” She giggled at the use of her Nickname. “No we're gonna walk” She grabbed her keys from the table and ushered me out the door and locked it.

“You know your the first Android I've spoken to? Like ever” Her shoes make a clicking sound as she walked down the corridor back towards the Office area.

I decided to use the data she’d given me and try to make a better impression.

Following her out past tables with computers and police officers, I stopped when I walked past a certain desk and looked at the chair.

No one was present but some dog hairs were and they scanned as a St Bernard Dog. “Sumo?” The word was out of my mouth before I'd realised.

“Huh? Sumo? Like a Wrestler?” Nica raised an eyebrow at me. I was flustered to be caught out, and walked past her trying to guess where she was headed.

“Oh Goodie” When I got to near the break room I heard Detective Reid’s voice as he glared at Richard “Think your so fucking smart” My l.e.d

glows red under duress of feeling threatened, I walk forward towards them slowly. Nica follows behind me, curious to what's going on.

“One down, 3 to go” he shoves Richard, who manages to stay upright, he is not as bothered as I am by the Humans behaviour.

“Detective Reid stand down, I am not a threat” Richard says calmly, but this makes the Human angrier.

“Tell that to the Humans who died last November” He swings at Richard, who sees it coming and dodges to the side, “Fucking Prick” Richard moves deftly out of the way,

anticipating every movement coming his way.

“Fuck you!” The Human then uses a strong Karate kick towards Richard’s head, “What the Fuck?!"

Richard stands holding and blocking the Humans attack with his hands, the next moment the Human is twisted in the air and lands hard on his chin.”Oh wow!”Nica exclaims, impressed.

I hadn't noticed that she'd sidled up to me during the scuffle her hand on my shoulder.

“Break it up!” The Superintendent charges through and grabs Detective Reid by the foot and is dragging him towards him office.

The Detective is insulting and swearing cusses all the while, but everyone here is laughing at him, except myself and Richard who find this interaction baffling but at the same time needing

Investigation.I shall have to ponder this…

Continued in Chapter 4 This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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