Tinman Chapter 14 Warning:Violence & Peril
Tinman Chapter 14

Warning:Violence & Peril hankanderson stories

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Things have become Chaotic for Nine. Who hasn't been himself lately...

Tinman Chapter 14 Warning:Violence & Peril

I sighed, I felt so much anger and hurt, left in that cell to be manhandled and abused by police officers of all things.

My Model the RK900 was made to assist the Police in cases and be a beneficial partner.

We were made socially adaptable, the more experience we gained working with a Human the more we could change to make the Human detectives job easier and become an asset not to be sniffed at.

I was deep in thought, alone for a rare moment, at last able to process what I'd gone through and my feelings.

I had done a self diagnostic and the whole experience had caused some major software malfunctions and my program had bypassed some of my behaviour algorithms to make me stronger and less

likely to be in that situation again. It was true, I had changed, for the better or the worse.

Now I had not only myself to worry about but the others, as Karla's seen favourite I was placed into the burden of leadership.

I felt new stresses everyday, this also had changed my demeanor towards the others. I was no longer as friendly and caring as I used to be. I had to be strong, show leadership and determination.

I stood up, shaking off these stupid doubts I was having. “It's time to hunt” I walked over to my revolver and took the safety off.

I looked over to the doorway and saw Leana looking sadly at me, she turned and left without a word. ‘Let's get our prey’ I thought as I left our hiding place, I was alone.

I preferred to do this task by myself, as I'd already admitted to myself, I was looking forward to getting my hands on Him…

It was Early morning, just after dawn, I knew his shift patterns, I'd gained some knowledge by my system upgrades how to hack into Government systems,

I decided I was going to put them to the best use. I was hidden, just where he wouldn't expect, and if I was right, he would be alone, no RK900 ‘Machine’ to help him this time.

Right on time Detective Reed departed the precinct, looking stressed and tired. ‘Perfect’ I ducked down and made sure he couldn't see me as he approached.

He opened the car door, but then stood outside it, like he remembered something….

I stole a glance out the window from the back seat window, he had lit a cigarette and was smoking it whilst looking around, he was glancing at his mobile phone.

‘Great…’ I fumed, impatient that I had to wait any longer. I looked out towards the Precinct Entrance, checking to make sure there would be no more interruptions.

I ducked down as Gavin opened the door fully as he'd finished his loitering. He sat in the driver seat, unaware that anything was amiss and closed the door.

I started to slowly raise myself up behind his seat but I kept myself hidden from view of his Rear-view mirror.

He started the car and started to drive towards his home, I think, I couldn't be certain that he didn't have other plans. He was comfortable, heart rate steady, it was time.

I slowly slid the revolver to the back right of his head, making sure he felt the intense cold of the metal against the base of his skull.

As predicted Gavin swerved the car in surprise and fright. “Stay calm and I won't cut your Journey short” I warned him in a low tone.

Gavin swore under his breath but returned the car to its place on the road, his eyes bore into me from the mirror.

“Who the fuck are you?

” He growled, I shoved the gun at him forcefully “ Right now I'm either your executioner… or your captur” I didn't have to answer him,

but it delighted me to see the anguish and fear in his eyes. “Activate the GPS and go where it says, Now” I threatened aggressively, it felt good to see him obey me.

He quickly did as I asked and stayed quiet, he was stressed now, looking for answers and an escape, I didn't plan on giving them to him.

We pulled up outside the abandoned Factory that I'd been forced to kill two of my own kind.

Gavin raised his hands as I ordered him to sit still while I got out the car “I can still kill you in a moving car, so don't be stupid” I had already considered that he would try to drive away,

my targeting system had been locked on his brain from the start. I gestured with the gun and he got out the car, leaving the door open, with the keys still in the ignition.

I calculated that the chance of rescue was very remote and I'd return to the car later. He walked forward towards the Factory, obediently, arms still raised as I filled behind him.

Gavin stopped when we were in the middle of the building and turned around.

He was evaluating my strengths and weaknesses, “Now what Tinman?” He asked defiantly, I could see he has an idea, on close inspection by scan I realised he was almost calm, and that bothered me.

“On your knees Detective Reed” I had the gun at his face, bearly centimetres from his skin.

He complied slowly, his hands still raised, then he lunged, grabbing the gun and pushing it away from his face as I pulled the trigger in anger at his rebellion.

The bullet grazed his cheek drawing blood, we were wrestling for control of the firearm, whilst taking a chance to kick each other. ‘I was gonna keep you alive.

Now I'm not going to’ I kicked his leg out from under him, making him fall. I smacked the gun across his temple in rage, knocking him out cold.

I felt pain across my cheek, I touched the area with my hand and there was a light spray of Thirum on my hand.

“I'm impressed, I never even seen you hit me, Asshole” looking down at him I felt boiling anger, remembering the beatings he gave me when captured.

I grabbed him and flung him over my shoulder, carrying him towards the back of the room…

Tiny droplets of Thirum led from the scuffle to where Gavin was tied to a chair, I had used his own handcuffs on him behind his back. I had the car keys on my person now, It was handled.

Now I waited, for him, I crouched down looking at his unconscious face. “Did an Android do that?” I looked at his scar curiously, it appeared to be from a blade or possibly a large claw.

No answer came. I decided this was a one way mission before I left. I'd be the highest priority Deviant once I'd killed a Human Cop.

“If only you hadn't ambushed my Family that day, I would have gave you Humans a shot.” I talked to him as if he was listening, speaking matter of factually.

“I was actually starting to care you know?” I saw his eyes flicker, I stood up and took the safety off the gun. Gavin winced, then focused on me and struggled fiercely against his bonds.

“What do you want?!” He glowered at me, I smirked evilly at him.

“I want you to suffer like I have, to think death is one step away, to think your Rescuers are just on the other side of the wall” I circled him, slowly, he watched me intently.

I towered above him and looked down at him. A look of recognition showed on his face. “Precious…” I laughed as he said it, his face was priceless.

Gavin struggled again, nearly tipping his chair over.

“You have no Empathy for us” I deliberately slowed my steps as I approached him, “ It's your turn to shine” I landed a hook right across his jaw, sending the chair flying to the side.

I wasn't finished… ‘Data corrupted...override deactivated…Automatic shutdown failure...reset failure…Warning…’

My programming was trying to shut me down, it must be triggered by murderous intent, it was too late to stop me, even I couldn't stop me...

To be continued in Chapter 15 Thanks for reading so far! Feline Deviant

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