Tinman Chapter 12 Warning :Violence
Tinman Chapter 12

Warning :Violence hankanderson stories

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What lays in store for Nine and the others?

Tinman Chapter 12 Warning :Violence

He took a sip of the coffee. "Please, just let sleeping dogs lie, I'm not looking for anything”Nica replied, quickly. Hank decided to drop it, but he wouldn't drop it forever as he had noticed something.

“So… what's the good news?” Hank raised an eyebrow as he asked, trying to catch whatever it was on her face “What good news? Everything is the same” She denied, drinking from her cup.

“Really? Then why have you been humming and singing all day?” She almost choked on her coffee, having to cough and get her breath back. Hank was even more sure now.

“I've been singing? And humming at work?” She shrugged, dismissing anything was different. “Seriously Nica, Gavin insulted you and you practically sung him a sonnet.

Never heard him so quiet” he grinned, but looked expectancy at her. Sasha appeared from under the coffee table and climbed on top of Sumo and curled up, giving him a groom as she settled.

Nica got up taking her cup with her, she looked out at the Detroit night from her window. “Are Deviants really THAT bad Hank?” Hank frowned, realising what she didn't think she'd admitted to.

“Androids are trouble Nica, whatever type they are...why?” His voice was worried and irritated. “I just…” She paused looking at her Uncle's disappointed face.

“I want to understand them better, if their so bad then…."

Hank stood up, “Nica, you saw Connor, you saw what happened to me, to Cole, are you gonna risk your life to find out about them?!” She didn't answer, she didn't have to.

Hank sighed“Always the frigging Androids, I can't get away from them” He whistles and Sumo walks to his side “Be careful Nica, I don't wanna see you hurt, or worse”He took Sumo and left.

Sasha had leapt off his back just before the door and curled around Nicas legs. “I will” Nica mouthed towards the door. She was startled by Hanks venomousity towards the Androids.


It had been 3 weeks since that day at the cafe, I'd buried whatever thoughts I'd had of Human/Android friendships and focused on our new mission.

This time things were in Pauls favour, we were to ambush several Humans who were abusing Androids and sending out Android hate messages.

I didn't see how dealing with them would improve our standings but I followed orders.

Leana was even more distant to me since that day, she had a Trio of friends she hung about with now, they all acted like teenagers.

That's why I decided I didn't return Leanas love, I saw her as my little Sister. I prepared the machine gun, clicking the ammo into place.

This was as strange mission, I hadn't heard from Karla in two days, but she did that, spending time with her Human lover. It was very Taboo with our kind and theres.

So no one interfered or went looking for them.

“Alright, we take them prisoner, free any androids we find. We'll make an example out of the humans” I shudder at Pauls cold words, he hates them with so much passion.

“Move out” our Team consists of 30 of us, we are all Military trained, we all know what's at stake…

Unfortunately for us they knew where and when we were coming.

It was a trap, we should've known, sometimes a Duck Is a Duck. I was damaged, I was sticking to the shadows as much as I could but we were facing more of my model as well as Humans.

I poked my head out of cover for an instant and nearly had it shot off. I managed to react quick enough and stay in cover as I tried to figure out an escape route.

I tried to silently contact what was left of my team, 2 responded, we were scattered, and our enemy was ruthless, no prisoners, just death.

Paul had been gunned down, and Karla was missing, we were leaderless and running scared.

“Get back to the others, we'll regroup there” I was unfortunately the next in command, pain shot through my shoulder as a bullet caught me.

Thirium sprayed on the floor and wall behind me, it hurt so bad, I ran to another piece of cover, a hail of bullets echoed all around me.

I felt dread and fear I had never felt before, was this the end?

“Confirmed RK900 model, keep it pinned down, it could take you out in an instant” Gavin ordered his team, he might get a promotion for this, but he wanted that RK900 so bad,

if it took a little rule bending so be it. “Capture it, alive, kill the remaining two”

I had lost contact with the rest of my team, I could hear footsteps approaching me. I raised my gun to fire but was grabbed by one of my own model, he had my arms held tight so I couldn't move.

It was squeezing my arms, causing pain that forced me to drop the gun.

‘No, I don't wanna die!’ Through the pain I tried to kick at the approaching Humans “Do it”I heard Gavins voice approach, the Android in front of me shot both of my legs just under the knee.

There were more than one RK900 here that were just slaves to the Humans. I cried out in pain, tears streaming down my face in utter terror and blinding pain.

Gavin approached me, “Oh, I know this one” He seemed amused at who I was, “This will be fun” he laughed, before punching me right across the face.

I saw stars, the force of the hit and my stress levels I was barely conscious. Blue blood dripped down my forehead into my eye, the searing pain….

The RK900 still held me from behind, non responsive like a ghoul, it didn't care about my pain, my anguish. The Android with the gun had lowered it, but was watching me intently.

Another cold hearted Machine with no morals or emotions.

Gavin's team gathered around him, “Confirm all Deviants down Sir” Gavin smiled at seeing my despair at those words, “OK team good job, I'll call in clean up,

but I'm taking this one as a Trophy” Nobody questioned him, they saluted him and made their way to the exit. The only ones remaining were myself, Gavin and his Android.

Gavin slapped me across the face, ‘More pain… why? Why doesn't he end it?'

“Thanks for saving my life the other day, it's the only reason you're alive” He whispered in my ear, ‘oh so it's Mercy?

Bullshit’ I was losing Thirium, which was making me woozy, “Got special orders if I ever found you Precious” I was blinded in one eye due to the blood in it, I looked at him, gloating, pleased,

he was getting a kick outta this.

“So what is it about I that makes you so special huh?"

Gavin struck me across the face with his gun, the Android let me go and I fell to the floor, my body was all but broken, I had nothing to resist with.

“Shutdown in less than 2 hrs Detective Reid” The Android said seeing my condition. My own voice, but with no warmth, no caring, just plain facts.

Gavin grabbed me by the hair and lifted me up “You're meant to serve Humans, not be one”He kicked me in the stomach as if striking a football towards a goal.

I slumped over, my body couldn't take anymore, I was out cold. “Fricken plastic prick….” He looked to his Android and laughed “Book em” He ordered as he walked towards the exit.

The Android picked up my body and carried me out to an awaiting truck…

Later that Day...

“The Deviants ARE alive Connor, they feel, they hurt, they love. Let them live” It was Hanks voice in my memory, his conviction to spare the Deviants hadn't moved Connor at the time.

I awoke to pain, and more pain, they had stopped the bleeding, but left me low on Thirium.

A clever tactic, it meant I couldn't expend needless energy or I would go unconscious, In other words I couldn't fight back. I looked at my prison, and was surprised, I knew this place.

I was in a holding Cell at the Detroit Police Department. ‘Wow why are they holding me here?’ I was on my knees and looked with my one good eye towards the main offices.

The station was busy as usual, but there were at least two people here that could get me out of here. Gavin appeared, smug at his Trophy, his Android dutifully by his side.

“Hello Precious” He mocked at me, I just glared at him. “Ooh some fire returned huh? Good”He smirked, then walked away. The Android followed behind him.

‘He's a Prick’ I thought, wondering if there was somewhere I could get this Thirum out of my eye,but alas I was in an Android cell, given no rights plus my legs wouldn't work.

“So yeah they gunned down the lot of them cept this one” It was a Police Officer, an unknown voice. I was already annoyed at being an exhibit, something to gawk at and mock.

I was starting to understand Pauls hate for Humans. “Really? It's in pretty bad shape” Now that was a voice I recognised, but to me he was neither friend nor foe.

I turned to face the window, I was right, it was Hank looking back at me. “Nine?” He was surprised to see me,I must look a wreck as I could see his concern and disgust at how I'd been treated.

“Why didn't they fix it up?” Hank acted neutral towards the police officer.

“They didn't want it resisting, apparently this model had been upgraded to Military spec before Deviancy” That stunned me ‘No RK900 should be Military Spec unless Deviant’

I blinked up at Hank, I was doubtful he'd help me, I'd resigned myself to my fate.

I hated that I'd be gone soon, I felt so much life, I wanted so much, there was so much to learn and explore, these feelings that ever changed and adapted, Life was a Miracle, a gift.

“Why's it on its knees?” Hank asked “They shot out its legs” The policeman replied bluntly.

“I think there taking it away tomorrow” My eye widened in fear at those words, I had 24hrs or less to decide to give in or live.

“Mmmn” Hank acted nonchalant, “Thanks for the briefing” Hank walked away from the cell, the Officer remained standing guard at the end of the hallway.

This is how it ends? This was my reason for being? I was overcome with anger and despair. I thought of the others, Karla, Leana, Paul, Michael, Zack and many friends and family.

Some of them I had lost today. I switched myself into sleep mode, I couldn't take the gawking Humans anymore, I wanted to be alone in my misery....

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