Tinman Chapter 11
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Nine becomes reminiscent and visits a meaningful place...

Tinman Chapter 11

I am Mentally and physically able to take them both on, but by my personality I usually would avoid a fight rather than stand my ground.

Only under situations where I'm protecting someone do I attack first. The Android ignored me and focused back on the Detective, who stopped and ordered at the shack.

Suppose I should go, I turned 180 Degrees and smacked right into something hard. I was now on the ground having been dazed by the impact.

I noticed I knocked into a woman who had been trying to walk away quickly, she also looked dazed.

“I'm sorry, are you alright?” I offered her my hand as I stood up, she raised her eyes to look at me and we both got a surprise. It was the Woman from the apartment we found Leana.

‘I started to worry if being here was such a good idea, after all she was once on the hunt for Deviants’ To my surprise she accepted my hand and I helped her up.

“I wasn't paying attention” I started but she didn't let me finish. “ Well that just means you owe me” She teased grabbing my arm and leading me away from the shack.

‘Wait? Is this that same shy girl?’ I was starting to have doubts.

When we were far enough away she started to talk “ Actually, I just noticed someone I was trying to avoid, I turned around and well here we are” It was definitely the same woman,

with more confidence and no PTSD. “Oh you mean Gavin…” I added, forgetting I shouldn't know the Humans name.

“Huh? You know him?” ‘Does she not recognise me? Or has she has so much trauma that she's wiped it from her mind? I stopped walking and looked over at the dockside.

“ Um, hello?” She asked me as I tilted my head at her, confused.

“He's an arrogant Coffee drinker who hates Androids and thinks the world spins for him” I answered, she freely laughed at my description of her work colleague.

“Haha that's so him” I was happy to see her smiling, as I had never seen this Human happy before. I lowered my hood, I didn't want to appear rude or like a hooligan to her.

“So um, Nine is it?” She asked, obviously knowing exactly who I am.

“That's what the others call me, I never had a Name”I started walking again, thinking why is she even talking to me, is this safe? “Ýou know my Uncle Hank right?

” She questioned with intent, she was a little nervous, are the bad memories effecting her? “There was a Model before mine…” “Oh yeah, Connor right? RK800?"

“Yes, and it's memories helped for the programming for my Model, so in essence I knew your Uncle as Connor, not myself” She was sneaking glances at me, and I didn't understand why.

“That makes sense…. So um, could you spend some time with me?” Her question confused me, why would a Human actively want to spend time with an Android?

I realised I didn't have much trust in Humans, and I was just as judgemental as they could be. “ May I ask why?” She looked coy for a moment, like it was the question she'd hoped I'd never ask.

“You OWE me, plus I am kinda curious about your kind, you seem…..amicable.” I smirked at the alligation. “ Me? Amicable?....

I've never been described THAT way before” I feigned hurt and she nudged me with her elbow. “ Please Nine, I wanna talk”

I was confused, I was torn between self preservation and mistrust of Humans and my curiosity.

The look that she was giving me was so pleading and vulnerable, I had to look away as I blushed a little, I was not used to people making me feel this way.

I decided to pretend I had nothing to be wary of, I had to do this, it could be interesting for my knowledge of Human emotions and interactions.

“Alright, let's start by you telling me your name” I glanced back at her, this interaction was fun, and also awkward.

Is it difficult with all Humans? We were about to walk past a cafe when she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. “Veronica Taylor”

2 hrs later we were still sitting in the cafe, Nica as she preferred to be called was telling me stories about Hank in his younger days, she was so expressive and carefree at the moment,

it was like she'd forgotten what I was. “ The cake flew up and landed right on Uncles head” Just imagining it made me laugh and wonder his reaction as I knew he could be quite grumpy.

“What did he do?” I had to ask her as she was holding back, to try and make me interact with her more.

“Well, he licked the cake on his face then grabbed some of it and put it on Cole's nose” I smiled fondly, at the conversation and the thought of Hank happy with his son.

“Oh God is that the time?!” She stood up suddenly “I'm sorry Nine I have to go” She got up and fast walked towards the door, I followed her out.

I wasn't sure how to end this, whatever it was, I was really akward and a bit lost for words. She suddenly remembered me and turned around, "Thank you for putting up with me Today, um…."

She now looked awkwardly at me, it looked and felt like we both had come to the same conclusion that this wasn't. ...

what? Normal? Weird? Risky? I honestly thought it was all of them, what was I doing here with a Human police officer who hunts Deviants?

I frowned, realising the voice of Pragmatism was winning over my curiosity. “I have to go too, uh,” I rubbed the back of my neck, bashful. . This was tough.

“Here” She handed me a card with a few of her details “We should talk again soon, your MORE than Amicable” She smiled, it reached her eyes,

it was a guilty free fondness I felt and saw from her behaviour, it honestly had me rattled.

”Goodnight” She walked away leaving me standing there holding the card watching her back as she walked, she looked around and I waved a little.

Something is wrong here, I felt a little nauseous as she disappeared around the corner.

I got back to the group who were peacefully checking our inventory situation, Paul was frustrated as usual, he was all out for attacking the Humans and not peace.

I sat down and leaned forward, both arms on the table and lay my head on my arm. I was unfocused, and wondering about Nica.

I was over analyzing every expression she made, her voice her words, and that perfume…. I blinked at someone snapping their fingers in front of my face.

“Nine? Where are you right now?” Leana was sitting on the table, swinging her legs. I was caught off guard and it made me a little moody at her tease.

“Who knows?” I sat up, looking to her as to why she was bothering me. “Seriously? I check up on you cause your spacing out and you growl at me?” she said incredulously.

“I didn't growl” I refuted “ You might as well have” she snapped back, folding her arms in front of her, “I'm gonna join the others,

leave you to your sulking” She walked away and I glared daggers her way.

“Whoa looks like the Honeymoon is over” Zack had been fixing an Wk500 Android at the other side of the room this whole time. “Ugh, we're not together” I groaned.

Zack looked over at me as he wiped a piece of equipment down.

“Since when have you been grumpy? Your one of the most positive people here” He continued his work, but he must have picked up that I wanted to be left alone.

I turned the card over and over in my hands. Something was wrong…

After work Nica flung her bag down on the sofa, and sung a little tune as she walked over to Sashas food bowl and topped it up.

The cat immediately appeared from behind the the TV and started digging into its food. She popped the kettle on and called out to the TV to turn on, which it did.

It was a discussion on Cyberlife and it's Androids, they were interviewing the Ceo Elijah Kamski.

She sat on the sofa and kicked her heels off, rubbing her feet, “So your saying that Deviants have no emotion?” The interviewer asked, obviously she was a sympathiser.

Kamski looked mildly amused like he was speaking to a child who was confused.

“ No they don't, they emulate emotion to get the response they are after, these so called feelings are errors in their software damaging the system” Nica frowned at the screen,

“That's not what I saw Asshole, Connor was enjoying trying to kill Gavin….Hmm, nah, that's too far” She smirked at her own thoughts.

She was in a great mood today, she felt like everything was going brilliantly.

She turned to the screen again “Can you speculate on why several of your newest models have become aggressive to Androids and Humans alike?” Kamski, gave the interviewer a look that said it all.

“Firstly that Information is hocus pocus, there's no evidence to that. Secondly, if there was a problem with the model we would recall it, you wouldn't let a murderous wolf run loose would you?”

Nica stuck her tongue out at the screen, she hated that man with a passion. There was a knock at her door, “Second” She went to open the door and saw her Uncle, this time he wasn't alone. “Woof!"

Sumo voiced a hello at her and wagged his tail at seeing her again. “Come in you two” She switched the TV off and sat down making a fuss of Sumo, while Hank closed the door and looked around. “

Who's a good boy? Yes you are” “Sumo would huff in response to her questions, he knew barking would get him in the bad books. Hank started pouring out coffee. “ So, I was thinking...Why aren't you

dating?” Nica looked up and gave her Uncle an unimpressed glance. “ Never thought about it, work keeps me busy” She replied as Sumo layed down at her feet, smothering them. Hank brought the

Coffees over and placed them on the table. “I'm just worried, your a good woman, funny, bright…. I just don't understand”

Hi, this is the Author Louise. I have some MAJOR choices to make in the Tinman story soon, I'm hoping you might be willing to help? Soon at the End of one of the Chapters I'll ask some questions. I'd love it if you answered in the comments. This is My,Your, OUR story.....

Continued Tinman Chapter 12 All comments are appreciated and are Welcome. Louise x

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