Tinman Chapter 10
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Will they be able to save Leana?

Tinman Chapter 10

Nica?” Hank touched her arm and she looked to him.

“He just looks like him”Hank offered trying to appease her “I won't let anything happen, I promise” She settled and watched Zack curiously as he worked.Karla was handing him tools.

I had gotten over the pain and the memory, I looked over at Hank and the girl, I knew her, I'd met her recently at the factory.

I better keep a low profile then, both of these people are cops, and probably Android hating ones now too. I knelt down beside Leana and Zack and handed him the AI. Modifier tool.

I was so panicked and worried, I had to really focus or I'd blow our cover as Cyberlife Engineers. ‘Hold on Leana, please!’ I thought.

Zack had stabilised Leana, her l.e.d returned to blue as he fixed the last component needing healed. I couldn't pretend anymore and took her hand, stroking my thumb over it.

Karla didn't stop me, but she knew the Jig was up, she turned to the Humans and pulled her gun out.

Nica had just recognised Karla before she turned around, but the Android was one step ahead and had pulled a gun out before she could warn Hank. Zack tidied up his tools and patted my shoulder.

“What gives?” Hank was unable to react in time to get his gun. “Hank they were at the Factory” Nica whispers to him. “Fucking perfect” Hank grumbles.

As Karla walks up to him and takes his gun away, she gestures for them to step back. Leana hasn't stirred but bur Zack had assured me earlier that she'd need a little time.

I turned and stood by Karla, Zack took his gun out and approached them, “We should Tie them up and get the hell outta here” I saw the girl flinch at Zacks words ,

’Do we really have to bind them?’ I asked Karla silently, She looked over the two and ordered them to sit down, which they did.

“So we're not Cyberlife, we're her Family” Karla announces, surprising me, until I realise what she's doing, she's testing their purpose, Whether they are Hostile or not.

The girls evaluation is not good, her stress levels are way too high and I think she's has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I'll wait outside for a bit” I walked slowly out, feeling everyone's eyes on me. Karla sat by Leana, still aiming the gun at them. Zack decided to back down and check Leanas condition.

“ She's coming round” He smiled, touching her head.

“So Deviants then?” Hank raises an eyebrow, “How observant”Karla teased “We saved your Flower there from those Machines last week” Hank held Nicas hand as he realised she spoke the truth.

Nica felt anger at this girl calling her a flower, but she had to admit she was a wreck at the moment.

She decided she'd need to be braver, and she just figured that the Android outside was the one that saved them from Connor and Richard.

“Mmmn” Leana opened her eyes and Zack held her hand “ Don't do that again!” He teased, everyone seemed to smile at her recovery.

‘Nine get in here’ Karla silently communicated to me, I did as ordered, confused by the smiles in the room until she spoke. “Nine?” Leana called softly.

I was surprised but overwhelmed with relief, I literally dove to her side and hugged her “ Ugh, I forgot how sweet you two are” Zack rolled his eyes at the display of affection.

Nica and Hank were astounded, they had never seen Deviants acting so Human before.

“You scared us Leana, don't run off on your own again” I looked into her eyes making sure she realised how serious we had worried about her. She nuzzled into me, feeling safe.

I was torn between her feelings and my own. I did love her, but not the way she loved me. I felt selfish for not letting her have her feelings, but I couldn't honestly return them.

“Ahem, You guys gonna leave now?” We all turned to look at Hank who had stood up. “Leana? Can you stand?” I held her arms as she used me to get up on her feet.

“ Yeah I'm fine” She noticed our company and stared at them. “I guess Thank you?” she smiled, making Hank flustered, it made me smile too at the interaction.

“Thank you for getting help” I added. The girl with Hank was watching me closely, her stress levels had fallen dramatically.

Leana was still clinging to me but it wasn't out of necessity, I looked down at her, remembering what got her hit by the car.

I moved away from her, and walked towards the door, I felt sadness that our relationship had to change.’We leaving?’ I silently asked Karla, who followed behind me wordlessly.

She put Hanks gun down on the sideboard along with 500 dollars. “Hopefully we won't meet again” Karla smiled back at the Humans. I hung around at the door, letting the others walk past me.

“Lieutenant? You did the right thing”I said sadly, feeling how Connor felt when Hank had flung him off the building.

“The Deviants deserve life, as do you” A tear rolled down my face, Hank was stunned at my words and we were both stunned by my tear. I wiped my eye and the tear away.

“Goodbye Hank, and um, Miss” I bashfully turned away. Leaving Hank and Nica in shock as they watched us walk away.

“Well shit” Hank sat down on the sofa looking drained. Nica walked to the door and made sure they had left.

“Can they be like that? I mean that one was speaking like Connor used to” She asked, meaning the Connor she had known and not the one Hank knew back then.

“If their Deviant they can be just like you or I….

Looks like Connor was on the path to being a Deviant then” He thought about it, the Connor he knew was becoming Deviant?

It can't be, he was choosing to shoot Markus rather than join them, but maybe the newer one… He did show signs, like a bond was starting to form.

“Should we radio this in? I mean those are the guys we were looking for?

” Nica felt many emotions right now, she was angry at herself for not being brave, happy for the Androids that their friend didn't die, and confused and saddened.

“ I doubt we'll see them again” Hank stood up and retrieved his gun. “Will you be alright?” He asked,concerned. She looked determinedly back at him. “I'll be fine”

The Deviant case had made next to no progress over the coming months, their numbers were still growing, and strangely there had been no sightings, no reports and no new cases.

It was like they had vanished, or as some suggested, it was being covered up. It had been a whole year since the Incident with Leana and the car.

Our group is well managed, outfitted and supplied.

I can tell Paul is itching to start a war with the Humans, Karla prefers equality over killing, but the way things are now? I don't think the peace will last.

Leana is not around me as much these days, it was tough, telling her over and over that I just didn't feel what she felt for me.

Now sometimes it's like I don't exist in her world anymore, which is a shame, I miss her, but I will not string her along.

Zack is here less and less these days, some say he's got a significant other, rumours are building about him, but there's nothing concrete.

Michael is doing brilliantly here, sometimes he is a bit shy, but he's loyal and hardworking. Me? I have been doing a lot of thinking, about RK800s past, about what I want, and about the humans.

Zack is not a very good example of a Human, I don't mean he is a bad person, I mean he only takes interest in his work, there is hardly ever any emotion tied to him.

'So, hey, I think I'm going out, I might get in trouble but, hey Yolo right?'

As I was walking through Detroit, some memories would crop up as my memories picked up smells, sounds and feelings of seeing or being in a place RK800 had been.

Human emotions are so intense and intriguing. It's a? I tilted my head at the mobile shack type Dinner. ‘Ah Hanks favourite eatery, I wonder has he stopped eating those burgers yet?’

It was a beautiful sunny day, I noted Hanks Illegal betting friend was hanging about today, was he waiting on Hank? I spotted 2 people walking this way, I put my hood up and turned my face away.

It was in danger, I wish I hadn't been daydreaming about the past and paying more attention to now.

“It figures, but why can't we? I mean we have Jurisdiction” It was the Man I'd saved from the rogue Machine last year, his companion was a mean looking RK900.

It seemed devoid of all emotion, even pretense.

Had its programming been altered? I looked away as it looked towards me, ‘Shit, I hope the deflect is working’ If the Android could tell I was one and the same as itself, I'd be toast.

Continued in Chapter 11 This is my first DBH Fanfic. Any comments are appreciated Louise x

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