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Based after Detroit Become Human and it's BAD ending. Some years have passed but the Deviant problem remains. Follow in the mindset of one RK900 Android and it's unknown secret mission.

Tinman Chapter 1

“You act Human, Sound Human but what are you really?” A faint voice asked a question long since answered.

A jolt of movement caused my standby mode to fail and I opened my eyes to take in my surroundings.

It seemed I had somehow found myself inside a vehicle, my program was running hypothetical scenarios before me, one by one I dismissed them til there were only 2 options left. 1.

Cyberlife had decided to transport this model somewhere for Reasons which branched out a hundredfold or 2. This model has been Illegally moved by persons unknown for under 10 possibilities.

I was free of movement, not restrained in any form.This suggested 1 was more likely or 2 was done in haste and had no time to proceed.

I used my senses first, listening to the sound and rush of traffic, it was a busy highway, the weather was bleak. The raindrops hammering down on the metallic sheeting of the vehicles roof.

Speed 90 mph, over the legal limit, in treacherous conditions. I had decided that this wasn't a maintenance journey or a Cyberlife mission, this was in fact a heist.

I then used my scanners to see the inside of the dark container of the vehicle, Thirium pouches surrounded this Model in scattered piles.

There were also spare limbs and components of Androids cluttered on the floor.

I realised I wasn't alone, another Android was standing near the furthest away wall, it was moving slightly, grasping onto a hanging hook dangling from the ceiling.

It was too far away to scan, I had to decide on my own programming the best action to enforce.

Another jolt, this one was more destructive than the last and Thirium pouches went flying around the container, several, hitting myself, they stayed intact.

A shocked gasp escaped the Android in the container with me, as they were thrown down onto the pouches and closer to me.

It was obvious this was no normal Android, it had to be a Deviant and in league with whomever was driving the Vehicle.

“Really?” She complained, struggling to stand up and not crush any of the pouches. “Stupid Zack!” she cursed, looking for something to hold onto and wobbling in place as she didn't.

The Vehicle veered sharply to the left, and the girl was thrown violently the other way and smacked right into me.

I instinctively grabbed her to hold her up, a program of Humanity that had been added from the Previous Models interaction with Humans.

She looked up into my face and screamed in fright, trying to escape my grasp. “ “Zack!! Oh my God! Help!” I looked at her blankly, releasing her would only be hazardous.

I decided to state it, to calm the Deviant for the moment. “ You will get injured if you don't stay still” I voiced looking down at her, squirming and pulling away from me.

Suddenly the brakes squealed and the Vehicle slid then tipped. The Vehicle had gone airborne and was now rolling uncontrollably.

I clung to the girl, trying to protect both Models from the impacts of being thrown around inside the container.

It eventually halted, I found myself on my back still holding the Deviant, she was sobbing and wailing. Some of the Thirum pouches had burst, and there was Blue blood everywhere.

I had received some damage from the tumbling, and I had been hit by some of the spare parts. I decided to check if the Deviant was functioning.

“ Are you working within acceptable parameters?” My voice was monotone, devoid of concern or emotion.

The girl pushes herself up off against my chest and looks at me with a giggle “ Who even says that? Silly” She then stands and holds out a hand to me.

I rise by myself, not understanding the gesture she made.

“Oh your hurt” She grabs her scarf and holds it to my side, we're indeed I am “Hurt” I study the Girl with both my senses and my scanners.

She's an Ak Model 500 A Personal Assistant, registered to Mr Gregory Holmes…. Not registered missing or inoperable. She's only got Minor cuts and scratches.

I reach a hand out to her forehead where Thirium sheds.

She watches me curiously and smiles at me “ Thanks for, keeping me safe there” She shies a little when I look at her as she speaks, still pressing the scarf into my side wound.

Light pours into the container as the door is yanked open by a Male, “ I am so so sorry, are you ok?

”who looks perplexed at the sight of myself and the Deviant covered in Blue blood as he takes in the sight.

“Shit!” He exclaims as he makes out something on my uniform, he decisively yanks the girl away from the container and pushes her behind him, all to her dismay and insults.

“Critical Thirium leak, 20 minutes 43 seconds to shutdown” A warning alert timer shows in the corner of my vision, the time decreasing rapidly.

“Zack, he saved me, he kept me safe!” Zack, is glowering in my direction, but in noticing my condition his resolve falters.

“For RA9s Sake!

” She bats him away as he tries to stop her,

the scarf that had fell is soaked with Thirium from my Model but she still picks it up and presses it to the wound and looks pleadingly at ‘Zack’ He growls his displeasure but walks up to me

to inspect the wound, “Alright, let me see” The familiarity in the body language of the two suggest a bonding that takes time, I concur that these two must know each other personally.

I watch them, I can't figure out if Zack is an Android or not, several of my systems have shut down to conserve power and my scanner is one of them.

“Whoa, okay, we don't have long” The male mutters as he picks up several Thirum pouches that have been left unscathed and some tools I can't identify.

“I'll uh, check for the police” The female looks scared slightly at seeing the tools Zack has acquired and hastens to leave our vicinity.

Zack kneels down so he can work, I watch, interested to know if this being can stop a shutdown with less than 9 minutes 23 seconds to shutdown.

“ Okay now, I may have to switch you off for this part.

Or the Thirum is just gonna come out and not stop” I recognise the tool he has in his hand, it is used by Cyberlife engineers and mechanics in maintaining Androids and Repairs.

He looks up at me skeptical, “ Either you let me do this or your gone” I gathered from his body language and earlier reaction that I invoke fear into him.

I make no sound or movement as he raises the instrument to my left eye and clicks on nib of the AI initillaser. My vision is blurry, then black.

‘Do Androids dream? Is there an Android Heaven? Where am I?’

My thoughts are muddled as sound filters through my barely conscious being.

“I'm getting sick of you and that coin Connor”Coin? What coin? “Sorry Lieutenant” My voice answered? I do not have a name, my Model number is….

zsszzsssskk I sit bolt upright from a lying down position, feeling my senses overpowered with something I can't explain, I look around, alarmed at both my surroundings,

my senses and the lack of, something, I'm missing something. “Hey, remember me?” A female voice approaches, calmly and with optimism.

I swing my legs around so I am now in a seated position and looking towards the others in the room.

Recognition blooms as I see The girl and Zack, my senses calm down, my program not recognising what happened registers it as a Software Instability.

“Hey, that was touch and go for a minute, but I'm glad your back, Leana would never have let me forget it if you shutdown!

” He smiles, but it fades to a frown when he receives none of the emotional response he was looking for.

Leana walks over to me and kneels “Hey, I know this wasn't planned but, you can stay if you want?” She asks, uncertainty in her voice as I seem unresponsive.

‘Oh, they expect a response? Platitude?’ I run through my programming, but chunks are gone, my program is adaptive though, so that's how I'll play it.

The others visibly jump at the sound of my voice. “This Model won't shut down inimently, You have my gratitude” Zack looks happy, Leana as well, but the 4 others look warily across at me.

“It's one of them, it'll report back to them” I had tried scanning the room as the Elder gentleman talked, but my scanners have been disabled.

I run a diagnostic and find several programs disabled, severed, formatted or missing. “My link is gone “ I say matter of factly, I look to Zack who takes a step back cautiously.

“It's a precaution, you weren't meant to be in that truck” Zack replies, I note the weapon in his hand, the safety is on and I feel no malice from him. “What do we do with it?”A male in the same

age range as Leana and Zack asks. “ Put it back?” Zack quips in, looking to the others “ I mean there gonna look for him, and Leana, so I think we take him back” Leana shakes her head, irritated.

A teenage girl walks towards me from behind the Elder couple and holds her hand out towards me, her finger reaching for my hair. “What's she doing?” The older Woman asks, fear towards me evident.

Leana smiles as I look quizzically at the girl in front of me, who takes a bit of Thirum from a stand of my hair. She then taps it on my nose and runs behind the Mortified Elder couple. Leana

and Zack laugh out loud at the interaction. Meanwhile I am stunned, it's as though my program won't compute what just happened, I touch the Thirum and look at it on my fingertips, clueless to

fathom the girls actions. ‘Ugh that's disgusting’ That voice again, triggered by the Blue blood possibly? My l.e.d changes straight to Red as I get more than just words. Feelings, smells, a corpse

stabbed 28 times layed dead for 19 days….. “Just don't put anymore evidence in your mouth” I say wistfully, looking at the blue blood and instinctively lick it from my fingertips. “Oh what?!”Leana

looks shocked and confused, Whilst the others seem visibly repulsed. From my Forensic analysis, I determine that the Blue Blood was manufactured little over a week ago, never been anyway near an

Android, well except in my hair….oh’ I realise what I've done too late and see the repulsed and shocked faces looking back at me. I get the strongest urge to hide somewhere, or erase the last 3

minutes from time.

Continued in Chapter 2. This is my first DBH Fanfiction, I would appreciate any comments you have on my stories. Louise x

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