Detroit Dreams Warning:Violence & Claustrophobia
Detroit Dreams

Warning:Violence &
Claustrophobia  hankanderson stories

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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams Warning:Violence & Claustrophobia

I am normal, boring maybe but my imagination keeps my dreams interesting.

Except now I never wake up, is this my life now? Am I on this trail of changing paths forever? Why am I so different from what my mind believes me to be?

I believe I used to be Human, a Female, or is that an error in my programming and this is real? Could I possibly be what I don't believe I am?

I will document these strange memories I have, if I lose myself... But I think I'm already there..

My new life began abruptly, with much shock and dismay.

I couldn't remember how I'd got here, it was dark, the lights were out, wait what the? I feel around me, I'm in a container, hard, am I dead?!

Panic consumes me and I start bashing at my prison with my fists and I let out a scream.

‘What the actual?! Have I gone deaf too?’ That wasn't me screaming, unless I'd had an operation on my throat. I put my hands to my throat and noticed something else strange.

‘Oh shit, when did I get Cancer of the throat?!’ I was falling into my own little despair. It would explain the scream I heard, ‘Damn, I died of Cancer….

Then why am I alive in a coffin?’ Sometimes I can be pretty blonde, it's just a saying readers, I know plenty of clever blondes, don't worry.

Okay….breathe… that's it, calm down. I felt different too, like, something was missing, down there. ‘Okay, now THAT is just...

where is it?!’ Yes, I'd come to realise whilst feeling for my female parts that they weren't there. There was nothing, I won't go into detail as that's just gross.

‘So I've been mutilated, given throat Cancer and dumped in a box’ I snapped, I was now thrashing the box so much that I could feel it move.

I stopped after what felt like an hour, but in reality was only 7 minutes. I closed my eyes, thinking of a tune that would soothe me.

‘Come on you're just dreaming, that's got to be It’ I thought. Footsteps approached and I heard muffled voices outside the box, ending the tune in my mind.

Then then box made a lurch and light flooded in as the front was propped open. I was deeply afraid, I'd screwed my eyes shut fearing whatever had trapped me here. “So...

another one?” It was a young Man's voice, I was curious now, like a cat, wanting to be brave and find out what this dream was leading me to.

I blinked open my eyes, raising my arm over them to let my pupils adjust to the change.

“Auto switch on? Nice” My eyes rested on the 4 people around my ‘Sarcophagus’ they seemed curious but lacking any empathy for my plight.

‘Actually… Police officers? Aw Fudge what's happened?’ The two at the back were wearing police uniforms, not the type you'd wear from where I'm from either.

The ones upfront were smartly dressed, professional, I'd say some sort of Desk Jockeys. “Can I help you?” I asked forgetting I had this friggin throat problem.

I clapped a hand over my mouth after I'd said it, I really hope they don't take the mickey out of me. The guys up front looked amused.

‘Wait!’ As I looked down in embarrassment I realised a whole new world of WTF.

I clambered desperately over my chest with my hands, ‘Where are they?! They cut off my Boobs too?! Sickos!’ I then looked at what I was wearing, feeling the fabric and not believing it.

‘Oh VERY good, this dream just gets better, maybe I should play along?’ I was wearing a suit, and not just ANY suit but that of an Android in a Video Game.

He was my Niece's favourite Boi at the moment, and I liked him too.

‘Definitely a dream, well better start enjoying being Connor I suppose’ I took a step out of the container, and joined the others who gawked at my behaviour."Hi" I glanced at them.

‘I might as well have fun in the Dream right?'

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully looking at the container, “I'm just glad it's not a Coffin” I mused before walking away from the 2 confused cops and their Androids.

I whistled a little as I walked into the main Detroit Precinct Area, smiling at the scene and the hustle and bustle going on around me.

”Hey” One of the earlier cops walked up to me “Where you going?” He asked raising a brow, looking still confused.

I placed a hand on his shoulder, feeling brave and optimistic in this fantasy of David Cage's and my making.

“I'm looking around Officer, I'm sure you can understand after being in that death trap, that I just want to spr…” ‘No don't say that, even in a dream!'

I cleared my throat to emphasise to forget the last word I was going to say “ stretch my legs a bit” I actually almost purred the words out, listening to Bryan Decharts Connor voice,

saying whatever I wanted him to say was so pleasurable. ‘I might even have some fun with That' I thought Devilishly.

‘Maybe I should tell Hank I love him?

Oooh or Gavin that he's an utter ****’ I tapped the Detective's shoulder before letting go "Thank you for understanding” I walked away from the baffled Officer, who had never seen anyone act this way.

Then, I saw it ‘Oh yes, oh yes!’ It was SO tantalising, SO real, SO MINE.

I fast walked up to the Coffee machine in the break room, I got a few odd looks but I ignored them and carried the pot of Coffee over to my prey.

“Ah how I have missed our Bromance” I was pretending I was in love with Gavin Reeds desk.

I hadn't noticed by now I had an amused and stricken audience as I stroked the desk lovingly and carressed the screen like a long lost lover.

I was so into my routine I didn't hear the giggles and laughter, or the footsteps approaching me.

I lay backwards on the desk still stroking the screen tenderly, then I raised the Coffèe jar and poured it straight onto it.

I heard a few gasps and a yell, but this was the best dream i've had in ages.

'I'm gonna have fun!' Steam and sparks flew out of the screen, as I lay on my back like a cat bathing in the sun, I carressed myself like enticing a lover.

“You liked that Detective? Come to me and I'll give you more” I teased the screen seductively placing a finger in my mouth. Around me I hadn't noticed the Carnage, or who my Audience was.

As quick as lightning I had two hands grab me violently by my shoulders and force me up on my feet,

I only caught a fleeting glimpse of my attacker before one fist connected with my face and I sprawled back on the floor in pain and alarm.

Gavin Reed stood over me, his face deep scarlet with anger, his eyes looking at me as if Murder was on his mind. “Get up you prick” he ordered, I was just taking it in, ‘That fucking hurt….

Yay Gavins in my dream now! Maybe I should dance with him or something?” I got up and brushed the suit off like nothing happened.

Gavin looked blank for a moment at seeing my response as I smirked at him.

“Hello to you too” I answered cockily before I noticed a gun click beside Gavin's head, just as he was going to swing at me again.

“Awww” I complained like a spoilt child audibly, my fun ruined for now.

“You seen what it done Hank, let me put it down!” He growled towards Lieutenant Anderson, the holder of the gun I might add.

I beamed a smile in delight at seeing him, but the scowl he returned let me know I was in trouble. I always hated Hank not liking me, damn, looks like I'll need to try better.

I made my expression neutral as possible, I then felt shame as I realised this could affect Hank in my dream much more than me.

“Enough, I'll deal with him” Hank ushered Gavin away from me and waited until he had left before placing the gun back in his holster.

The crowd that had gathered dispersed, I could hear the drip,drip, drip of the Coffee hitting the floor as it puddled under Gavin's desk.

Hank was quiet as he walked up to me, I looked at him, ‘Oh God he's angry, ah, maybe this will work!’ I tried to do my best pouty puppy dog sad eyes at him.

In my mind I looked like Puss in Boots from Shrek 2 using my Ultimate technique to sway my Enemy from anger or Violence with pure cute. Apparently, Hank doesn't do cute on Tuesdays….

I got a fierce slap right across my face for my trouble, I looked back at him shocked, then I did what any woman would do. I held a hand to the area and looked at him like ‘How could you?!’ and tears ran down my face.

Hope you enjoyed! To Be Continued!

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