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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams Chapter 5

So it's been 3 days since the whole Gavin thing, and in one way Connor is happy that I did what I did.

No, you sad wretches, he's not in a relationship with him, in fact Gavin has been avoiding him and myself to the best of his ability.

So in a way I bought us some time from taunting, in another, Hank has my leash on an even shorter keel. Urgh. Wherever they go apart from missions, and if there is mission

I'm either Handcuffed to Hank's desk or his Radiaditor by Sumos bed. I'm not joking.

The first day Hank clipped me to his desk was so traumatic for me, as Hank being the Grump that he is decided to make sure everyone SAW him doing it, including Detective Reed.

I tried to kick and squirm and almost took my arm off at one point trying to escape.

Gavin scared me lately, the look he was giving me from across the room was not pleasant, looks like my time of reckoning was almost upon me.

Thankfully nothing had happened in those days of restraint, as I was in full view of the rest of the DPD.

Let's just say I was behaving myself lately, I wasn't sure of the timeline from the DBH game but everyday I saw a little change in Connor,

he was getting less mechanical and more Human like day by day. Though he would never admit to it. “I am no Deviant” he'd refute.

I'd just roll my eyes at him, I'd been brought to this world a fully fledged Deviant, plus missing programming and coding.

It hadn't got past Connor, I had overheard a few discussions about my fate. “Hank you know Michael is obviously Deviant.

We should report him to Cyberlife and get him rebooted” I'd stay quiet and listen from the other room, it hurt that Connor felt that way, but I had to accept that this was his purpose,

to hunt Deviants like myself.

“Connor, really?” Hank sounded shocked “Your gonna turn in an Android, who claims to be not from this world, fucked up and no programming installed?

You think they'd just go, hey let us reboot you and off ya go?” Hank sighed “ Life isn't a malfunction Connor….Michaels fucking crazy but he's the most alive Android I've met...

Fuck I think I'm fond of him” A slow tear rolls down my cheek as I listen, I turned away, grateful to him but still worried about my future…

Now you're caught up! It's another day of being chained to the desk, literally, this time Hank and Connor are working in the DPD. They just want me to not wander off and cause, disruptions.

I frown at the computer screen in front of me, I decided to start trying to find info about Deviants and possibly my own origins as well.

Unfortunately for me Cyberlife seemed well aware that there was a missing RK800, there was details on the screen detailing me to my number.

Apparently this ‘shell' had NEVER activated, I had been a Dud.

Then how am I alive now? How can I do some things like the scanning thing and my hair? Could Connor have somehow given me the programming I needed?

I looked up and pushed the chair back and ended up on the floor. Gavin was standing in front of the desk looking right at me. My instinct had told me to run, hence faceplant into the floor.

“Oww” I complained, the handcuffs held me firm to the desk. “Hey Tincan! Oi!”Gavin banged his hand on the desk. I got up slowly, my hair all ruffled.

I always pretended to be polite like Connor when Gavin was around, just to get on his nerves.

He still doesn't know which Android kissed him, and it gnaws at him, I can tell at the way his eyes tend to roam over us both when we're nearby.

My hair has it's streak, so I can't mess with him too much. “Yes Detective?” I was a little curter than normal, but it's cause my hair is bothering me so much.

I start trying to groom it through with my hands, this motion brings a small blush to Gavin. ‘ Maybe I can mess with him after all…..I'm evil’ I struggled not to smile at his awkwardness.

“When your Master gets back, tell him I wanna see him, right away” I snapped back at him “That is so lazy” Gavin glared at me, “Detective” I added,

realising my lazy comment was out of line.”Listen you…” He grabs me by my collar and I can't help myself, I smile at him. He goes pale. “Yes Det...tect...

ive?” I emphasised it slowly and with a hint of mischief. He lets me go and backs off, his eyes looking over me, the question is just hanging there….I stand straighter and fix my Tie.

“Yes?” My look is now neutral, I'm fucking with him and it's Super Effective. “Just tell him Scarlet”he growls weakly and wanders off.

Leaving me totally bemused, ‘He called me Scarlet?! What the fuck!? Did he just Win?!’ I made a fist and gave the desk a little punch.

I was the one blushing right now, and maybe Gavin knew, but he'd just turned that whole thing on me.

The Next day...

Urgh….I’m a little stressed. I'm back at Hank's, for once I'm not chained to the radiator. They have decided I've ‘behaved myself’ enough to leave me not chained up.

I had one or two big worries on my mind, the first was my lack of programming, this Android shell I inhabit is non functional,

I don't have special scans or the ability to preconstruct situations before they happen, I am lacking a purpose, and for some reason that disturbs me more than anything else.

I feel myself slipping from annoying and myshievious to thoughtful and disturbed. The second thing that plagues me, is Cyberlife.

They know that I'm missing, obviously I'll be reset cause I'm malfunctioning, but am I really ready to give up this without a fight?

I look up from the desk, barely though, I can't be bothered today.

I see Connor enter the house, I can't be bothered with him, he's a reminder of how imperfect I am, he wouldn't understand anyways. I sigh, leaning into my arms on the desk.

I've been thinking about the gun I had, the thought crossing my mind more than once. Self Termination. I wasn't supposed to exist, so…. Urgh.

I actually roll my eyes on hearing Connor joyfully playing with Sumo. ‘What's the point?’ I was surprised at my own behaviour, I'd been so full of life but recently my existence made no sense.

I was actually getting annoyed at hearing Connor laughing and and struggling with Sumo. I stood up and walked away from the desk, I was glaring as I walked towards Hank's room.

We weren't allowed in there, but right now I didn't care, I needed one thing that I missed from my past life. I stood over it and let myself fall into the squishy covers of the bed.

Bliss, the feeling of cotton and silk. I got up quickly and looked around worriedly, but I'd gotten away with it. I shuffled over to the door and slowly closed it.

‘Finally!’ I actually couldn't get out of my boots quick enough, I flung my jacket off and jam onto the bed again. I turned myself into a burrito with the duvet, and just lay there.

Feeling the covers and loving the comforting space.

‘Oh I wonder if I can activate the sleep mode thing?’ I tried, but I had no idea how to do it, so instead I just closed my eyes and switched off from all my senses and worries.

I'm walking through a busy Shopping Mall, it appears to be near Christmas time as the place is covered in decorations.

I'm carrying a clipboard, I notice I have a lanyard around my neck, I look at it, It's a pass badge type thing. Confirming I'm an RK800 model and my name is Connor. I smirk and let it go.

‘I knew that, I'm always Connor’ I get on the downward escalator, looking around as kids and adults alike look at me in awe and fascination.

I wave like I'm a celebrity, as all Androids are here. This place is lucky to have any.

I reach the bottom of the escalator and step off, I receive a communication via my l.e.d, there has been an attack and Connor is missing. ‘Shit' I trot up to a Man holding a clipboard.

“Have you seen The Connor?” I ask him hurriedly as I'm ready to run to the destination.

He looks up at me and shakes his head “That information is for Androids only” I practically shove the lanyard badge in his face “I AM an Android” I reply bluntly,

some kids and their parents take notice and start to crowd around us, taking pictures.

The Event coordinator smiles and sticks a sticker on my Jacket, it's Silver and says ‘Android’I groan, getting irritated by these little nuisances.

“I take it he's with the others” He points outside towards a large crowd gathering. I nod and fast walk outside, some people follow me, trying to get an autograph of a picture, I ignore them.

Connor is in danger. Suddenly I hear gunshots, they are not one-sided. ‘Please be okay…’ I run towards the noise, the crowd not put off, trailing behind me.

”Shit it's too far” The Gunshots originate from a huge office building miles away.

“Here!” An old woman in a Wheelchair throws her car keys at me, she's Italian descent, her smile beams at me as I catch the keys mid-air and wink at her. I break into a run along a road, and jump

unto the roof of a moving car. I use it like a surfboard as it speeds up towards the building. As we near the building I push on the car keys, A parked car leaps forward and smashes into a tree at high

Speed before exploding. “Oh shit, sorry….” I must have made the car leap forward. How the hell is the crowd keeping up with this car? They aren't even out of breath. I fling my clipboard down, my

bad. Upon reaching the abandoned skyscraper I call for Connor, scared for him. When I get inside there are Rk800 bodies everywhere, but I know instinctively it's not my Connor. I yell his name in

distress as I see him finally, pinned down on the edge of a ledge by another Rk800 who is about to shoot him in the face. I throw caution to the wind and race to them I leap over to the ledge

and push the gun away just as it fires. The Rk800 on top of Connor slumps back, I'd made him shoot himself. I grab Connor and pull him away from the Carnage with absolute worry and concern, he's

Covered in Thirum. I stroke his face. He hugs me close, our heads touching. “I should make you my wife” I back away looking at him in surprise, how does he know? I'm in this male body. “You think

I didn't know?” he whispers before hugging me again. I cry in relief that I made it in time.

To be continued in Chapter 6 Follow me on Twitter! Feline Deviant Also check out my other DBH Fanfic - Tinman

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