Detroit Dreams : Chapter3
Detroit Dreams : Chapter3 

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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams : Chapter3

My mood had improved dramatically as I looked in the mirror, the flip I loved sat perfectly.

“So Micheal… how do I tell you guys apart from your walk and your personalities?” Hank looked at Connor and I both as we returned a confused look back at him.

“Walk?” I asked, Hank grinned “You walk like a girl” He explained. I blushed fiercely, and looked at my shoes.”Say, can't you guys change your hair a bit?” Hank added.

Connor walked over to me “ Yes we can change the appearance, I can help you if you like?” ‘Why the Hell is he so friggin sweet? This is so weird, having a crush on myself? Am I crazy?

Yep, the crazy train left a while ago and I'm still on it’I nodded shyly, as Hank patted us both on the shoulder leaving us to it.

I looked in the mirror, it had been easier than I thought to manipulate my hair, but what took so long was understanding what Connor was talking about.

I had come into this world with human understanding, no programming and no knowledge of being an Android. His words had meant zip to me at first, it was all coding, files and sequences.

He had been patient, even though it took me half an hour after understanding to make a choice.I decided to be bold, red, and my flip was now red.

I waltzed into the living room, Hank laughed amused. “No doubt at all now, suits you Mike” I looked over my shoulder first then smiled sheepishly “Thanks?” I wasn't used to my name yet.

Over the coming days, Hank had decided to keep me secret, as a sort of side kick helper. I guess I was more of a charity case than I'd realised.

Connor had tried to train me with guns and aiming, even martial arts. I was a slow learner, as I'd always get distracted or believe nothing bad would ever happen to me. How wrong I was….

Okay where am I? I'd opened my eyes after being in sleep mode, what was in front of me made me really, Really scared. I was on board a wooden frigate of sorts, I'm no marinal expert.

Fook this, I hate being on the water, it always made me uneasy. I Walked to the edge of the ship and over into the water at my reflection.

I was used to being Micheal now the Android that shouldn't be. I grabbed my flippy bit of hair and growled, I was now fond of my scarlet locks and the lack of it annoyed me.

My hair was it's normal colour, with no explanation. We were at sea, lots of ships sailed beside us, the sky was cloudless and the sun shone down beratingly.

The Ships crews ignored me like I wasn't there, they carried on stabbing the decks and water else these sea dogs do.I felt a presence, like I was being watched, a predatory hunger.

I looked around confused, I had learned many ways of investigation with my Android abilities. I scanned the Area but came up with nothing….

“Connor! Stay still, you have violated blah blah blah, I am a tool, I am a tool” Seriously, that's what I heard from the Android above me in the crow's nest looking down at me.

‘Oooh that look….’ I smiled despite myself, this RK800 was after me and thought I was Connor. So sexy. I almost swooned,

the look in his eyes almost made me weak, but I got out of my daydream as a bullet whizzed past my cheek. Android's don't miss, that was a warning shot.

“Shit!” I bolted towards the other end of the ship. “Connor, stop!” Another bullet smacked into a mast I'd just past, I was honestly frightened for my life now.

I had no weapon, no cover, no escape. I had reached the bow of the Ship, there was nowhere else to go but into the salty brine as it were.

“Would it help if I said i'm not Connor?” I turned to face my assailant with more bravery than I felt. He approached, gun pointed at my head. “Not buying it” he responded coldly.

‘Hot Damn he's smouldering without even trying!’ I was thrown forward suddenly as the ship started to rise out of the water.

We both had not expected that and I found myself in the Rk800s arms, he glowered at me as I nervously tried to get out of his grasp.

Instinct had won over and I knew this guy would rather plug me with a bullet than anything else.

The Ship jostled and rose again, completely out of the water this time. I elbowed him, and shoved him in the direction the ship was tilting off the side.

Luckily he hadn't planned for me fighting back and slid almost off the edge of the ship.

I wasn't hanging around, I bolted to the other side of the ship and leapt, I landed automatically on one of the other fleets Airships.

I looked back at the first ship, there was no sign of the Smouldering Eye Candy… Shame, Looks like I'd finally lost him.

I then looked down and felt sick. The Ships were miles and miles up at high Altitude, oh mai. I felt ill, I hated heights.

I backed away from the edge and ran towards another ship, I leapt and a bullet hit my leg right below my knee. I landed badly and went sprawling over the deck, the pain was immense. Whoever said Androids don't feel pain is a liar.

‘Urgh, Eye Candy lives' I forced myself to get up and ignore the pain, I had to hide. I stupidly had thought like a Human, thinking if I just stay hidden and quiet he wouldn't find me.

I'd managed to find a place below deck, I curled up under a jutting platform near the floor. I held my arms around myself, the fear of being prey, of no escape was overwhelming.

I heard the footfalls before I seen his boots stop in front of me. I looked up fearfully, but I'd accepted my fate.

“Nice try Connor” He had my blood on his fingertips, showing me how he'd found me. He aimed the gun, his eyes glinting in success as I heard the gun fire and everything go black.

I scrambled back towards a safe place, hyperventilating for an Android wasn't a thing, but by Human standards I'd had a panic attack after whatever the fuck that was. The sound of the gun still rung in my ears....

I was in Hank's kitchen holding Sumo for comfort. I was petrified, scared of death and Guns. Who was that RK800? Do Android's even dream?

To be Continued in Chapter 4 Follow me on Twitter for News! Feline Deviant I also have another DBH Fanfic called Tinman

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