Detroit Dreams : Chapter2 Warning:Violence
Detroit Dreams : Chapter2 

Warning:Violence hankanderson stories

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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams : Chapter2 Warning:Violence

“Oh for..” Hank walks over to me and grabs me under the arm, dragging me with him into an interview room before shoving me lightly towards a chair.

He slams the door behind him and looks at me growly as I slowly seat myself and look at him with teary eyes.

“Has one of your circuits fried? What the Hell has got into you Today Connor?” He growls with his face right in front of me, ‘Boy is he scary when he's mad, his voice shudders through me.

A knock sounds at the door and Hank opens it a little a looks surprised. “Are you done Lieutenant?” It was Connor, the real one.. ‘Oh shit….

what have I done?’ I slowly stand up and back away from Hank, looking around for another exit and finding none.

Hank glares back at me from the door, he opens it and Connor walks in looking surprised at my presence.

“So, why is there two of you here, and why the fuck did you do a striptease on detective Reeds desk?!” Hank bellowed at me from across the room.

Connor, if Androids could go pale, he did that, he looked mortified.

I sighed an decided to wing it, it's only a dream right? I tried to fix the stupid tie but Hank had pulled it in such a way that I couldn't get it sorted.

I started cussing at it “phck,pck phck come on!” The two of them looked at each other not sure what to make of me and my antics.

“It's obvious you're not Connor, but who the Hell are you, who programmed you and ….

He stopped and stared at me as I ignored his ear bashing and was literally almost strangling myself trying to take the Damn tie off. “Scanning…."

Connor was as confused as Hank was, but he was going to get some answers. After a second or two Connor looked at me sideways like a Cocker Spaniel with something it couldn't figure out.

“It's an RK8oo alright but it's defective, it has no programming,

no ID and it's not coming up on the Database” He walked towards me as I was almost to the point of hanging myself with my hand above me with tie in hand.

“You’re going to damage yourself, calm down” He deftly undid the knot and handed me the now loose tie. “What's your Serial Number?” He asked whilst noting the number on my Jacket it ended in 42.

I thought for a moment, then I noticed how close Connor as standing to me, I was right up next to the two way mirror.

This was awkward… I felt myself heating up a little, forgetting who or what I was/am.

“Um Cornflakes? I dunno the number though” Hank laughed at my answer whilst Connor looked confused, I did a couple of side steps to give myself some room between the Cinnamon Roll and the Bear.

“Your stress levels are pretty high” Connor added, noting my actions.

“Yes I'm stressed, I woke up in a Coffin, I lost my mind on Gavin's desk and now Hank and Connor are here telling me I'm a defective Android….plus you undid my tie and uh..

got close” Hank was baffled by my behaviour, Connor was curious about it. My led was red, it had been since this room.

I wasn't waking up! Why? Come on! I don't want Daddy Hank bellowing at me while Connor strips me for answers….WRONG so WRONG.

If I could steam I would have, I was so embarrassed by my own thoughts. I sat on the table, looking away from them. “I honestly thought this was a dream I'd wake up from...

At first I thought I was Dead...I don't know who or what I am, but...

I think I used to be an eccentric girl” I explainèd turning to see their expressions, Hank had wide eyes, his hand reached his face in a facepalm as he shook his head.

“It's telling the truth Lieutenant.”

I looked down in shame at what I had done, but Hank was quick to bounce back from the announcement. “Ok Girly, your coming back home with me” I stood up and glowered at him, utterly offended.

“Just because I used to be a girl doesn't mean I'm going home with you!"

I spat, Connor was very clueless about this conversation and during it his head kept moving to and fro between us as if watching a tennis match.

Hank, angered walked up to me, but stepped back a little, like he'd just remembered I said I was a girl.

“Listen, we need to sort this out somewhere private, I'm not accosting you you crazy bitch!” I saw red and slapped him across the face.

“We're even” I muttered as I walked past Hank and out the door. Hank had his hand on his face, and blushed as Connor walked over to him.

“That was uncalled for Lieutenant” “Get in the car Connor Hank grumbled. It was going to get interesting…

The ride in the car was quiet, I stayed quiet, my thoughts turned to what was I and why.

Why do I have the memories of a Human Female? Why was I activated? Can't I wake up? Why am I in a freaking Video game? Am I in a Coma?

Hank opened the door to his house and stepped back, letting me walk in first followed after by them.

My sadness receded Upon spying a furry friend, they watched me as I turned up the sappiness to greet Sumo, Hanks St.Bernard Dog.

“Well Hello there, Who's a good boy, yes you are” The pitch of my voice changes a little higher as I kneel down and make a fuss of him. “Will you look at that….

” Hank smirks as he plops down on the sofa. Connor closes the door and stands watching Sumo and I. The dog is trying to lick my face, “No no kisses...


I forgot how big of a brute Sumo is, My laughter turns to scared squeals as Sumo places both paws on my shoulders and makes me fall backwards, I am now helpless,

pinned to the floor with doggie drool dripping all over my face. “Accck, Nooo!” I try squirming and wriggling free but all I get is a smelly dog breath for my trouble.

”Hank! Connor! I need Help,” I call pitifully as Sumo lays down and uses me for a cushion. Hank smirks and switches on the tv, “Sumo always did that to women, always...

peace for awhile…” He sighed leaning into the cushions of the Sofa. Connor checks my status, and decides Hanks reasoning to be adequate as there is no risk of shut down. “Um..

anybody?!” I whine, and Sumo licks my face for my trouble. Major Ewwww grossness!

I'm pretty sure I've been here for days, under this thick furry brute who I thought was my friend. I can't wait to wash my face hair and hands.

I pitifully try again, realising I have probably deserved that for the days antics. “Hank, I'm sorry, please let me go.

I'll be good, I promise” I listen intently and am devastatingly replied by Hanks low grumbling snore.

‘Oh please God no! I'm doomed’ I hear a rattle in the kitchen, which makes Sumo lift off of me.

It's more painful than I thought it would be, I curl up on my side trying to feel normal again before I try to move.

Sumo walks through to the kitchen and I hear a clang of his tags on the dog bowl as he chows down. Connor walks over to me and offers a hand to lift me up.

“Thanks” I try to move but find it requires more effort than normal, I stumble up whilst taking his hand.

“Hank was asserting Authority” he explains whilst I blush a little at realising I'm holding his hand still. I flinch remembering i'm covered in disgusting Dog stuff.

“ Im gonna get Sumo off of me” I reply quietly, im utterly furious that our first proper meeting was the disgusting, hopeless girl scene.

‘That could of gone better'I thought. In Hanks bathroom I ignore everything but the sink, turning the taps on. I look at the mirror and balk, I'm still not used to that.

For a moment I got a fright thinking Connor had followed me through.

“Can't I wake up now?” I complained looking at the sorry state of me, I practically dunked my head in the water and let it rush over me.

“I'll just stay here a while” I was in a state of shock, a bit of depression maybe? I lifted my head from the sink, the water had masked any sounds nearby, I hadn't heard anyone enter.

I laughed at how my hair looked all droopy and not at all professional as Connor liked to make himself. Upon turning the tap off though I stared at the mirror confused. ‘Why do I still hear running water?’

I examined the mirror and saw a horror I REALLY, Really didn't want to see. “Why are you here?!” I turned and yelled at Hank who was relieving himself at the toilet, not caring or oblivious to my presence. I blushed and backed towards the door, I covered my eyes. Water dripping down my face. Hank glanced at me nonplussed

“Oh it's you, well, your um, you now I suppose” he muttered, finishing up and zipping himself back up. “You can't just, do that in front of…” Hank gave me a look that said ‘An Android?’ It killed my thunder, It looked like this new Form brought a lot of added new stresses. “Urgh” I responded unhappily.

He flung a towel into my face as he left, I guess I'd just been told where I stood. I went to the mirror again and groaned, this hair must take hours to sort….. I plodded through to the living room, feeling defeated, Hank had won this unspoken battle of wills. My hair was a mess, I just flopped down on the sofa, my head in my hands.

Hank looked at me curiously while Connor observed silently. “Well, what's your name Girly?” He asked a little amused. I looked up at him, and glared. “Wow, seriously chill” He smiled showing a hint of being friendly. “

You're not Connor, and I can't call you Girly” he offered, showing his good intentions. I thought about it, it was my dream, I'm not gonna be depressed in my own dream! I bucked up and sat straight, “Micheal” I responded.

Connor approached me and touched my floofy hair “I can help with this” I looked at him wide eyed and blushed a little, “ If you could...

I tried” I had honestly spent ages in that bathroom and couldn't get it right. I loved getting my hair done in my last life, but by Connor...yep, dreaming….

To be Continued in Chapter 3 Follow me on Twitter for updates and news! Feline Deviant I also have another DBH Fanfic called Tinman

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