Detroit Dreams : Chapter 4
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Ever wish your Dreams were real? Be careful what you wish for, or you might just become your Obsession.... Warning for Violence

Detroit Dreams : Chapter 4

I scrambled back towards a safe place, hyperventilating for an Android wasn't a thing, but by Human standards I'd had a panic attack after whatever the fuck that was.

The sound of the gun still rung in my ears....I was in Hank's kitchen holding Sumo for comfort.

I was petrified, scared of death and Guns. Who was that RK800? Do Android's even dream?

I stayed where I was holding the sleeping Sumo, listening to his heartbeat was calming to me. My led was changing from scarlet to yellow then to Blue as I realised I wasn't in any immediate danger.

I sighed, wondering again about the reason for my existence. How could an Android function without programming? Was I a Deviant from the beginning? Was the previous life I thought was real...

the dream? I stood up, a determined look on my face. ‘I will get answers…’ I tried twirling the revolver Connor has given me.

I aspired to do the Robocop thing, but all it landed me with was human reflexes and a gun on the floor. I huffed at it. ‘If I'm an Android...

why can't I be one?’ I was starting to become strange mentally, the conundrum between my nature and my being was taking its toll.

My rebellious, fun streak had been replaced by brooding and an incomplete feeling. I picked up the gun and walked over to Hanks Room and lightly pushed the door open, it creaked a bit.

It revealed Hank sleeping under the covers of his bed in the darkness. I smirked, feeling the darkness in me fade, it was uber cute to hear him snoring with a small whistle.

I was in the next minute thrown violently to the floor on my back, Connor was straddling over me, my own gun pointed at my forehead.

‘God Damn…’ I should be pissed off but … I looked at Connor and raised an eyebrow at him. ‘ Don't growl at him...

don't growl…’ “What were gonna do with the Gun Micheal?” He demanded, still sitting on me.

Jeeze doesn't he know what he's doing? I still feel like a female even though I'm sure I'm considered gender neutral now. “ I was considering my existencal worth at first to be honest Connor.."

I'd come to realise he liked using complicated grammar “ Then I tried to do a move but failed, then I decided to uh...uh.."

He was analyzing me, I could see it, he could tell if I was telling the truth or not… so this was embarrassing.

“Go on” He saw my reaction, I looked away from him as I replied, “I was thinking about the bed…” I felt myself heat up a little, not helped by being pinned to the floor.

Hank sauntered over sleepy and rubbed his eyes grogily.

“Hey! That's disgusting! Break it up you two” Connor got up and looked confused at Hank's accusation, he kept my gun, probably thinking I'm more dangerous with it.

I stayed on the ground, and laughed a bit. Hank offered his hand to me and I took it willingly.I blushed a little then smiled.

“It's cute when Connor gets protective of you” I walked past them both, deciding to curb the darkness in me and have fun with my mischievous side starting tommorrow. Connor.exe

Was not working at my statement, whilst Hank gave us both a disgusted look. “Just… calm down on the...whatever that was” I smiled back, innocently as I could.

I knew Hank thought I'd coerce Connor into doing things he didn't understand, he'd mentioned many a time to me that he thought I was a bad influence.

Just because I have feminine wants and needs does not mean I'm gonna make poor sweet innocence Connor do strange things….Um yet…

I'm sure Connor thought I was the strangest thing alive, Hank I think saw me as a girl who wanted to be as naughty as I could and get away with it, they were both right.

As we walked into the precinct a lot of eyes turned to us, Hank and his 2 ‘pets’ as Gavin called us.

You could only tell myself and Connor apart by our jacket numbers and my shocking Red streak of hair.

Hank had insisted I keep it that way at all times so Connor wouldn't get the blame for my weirdness.

Hank walked right to the bosses office “Wait here you two”

'Freedom!’ Connor glanced at me dissaprovingly, ‘Shit I need to learn to switch that off’ Androids had a way of voicelessly communicating their thoughts to each other.

I secretly think Connor has found a way to keep it actively open between us so I don't pose a risk to myself or others. I sit in Hank's chair and twirl around in it.

Whilst Connor stands obediently with his hands behind his back awaiting Hank's return. ‘Boring….

Connor don't you wanna explore?’ He looks round at me “ I have detailed plans of this building” I stop spinning in the chair and groan “ Live a little will ya?"

I look up at him pleadingly, I forget sometimes that I look like a guy, like now I try to bat my eyelashes at him.

He blinks a few times at my attempt, Definately not understanding my intentions. He looks away, ignoring me like I'm a pest. I sigh and tap the desk.

I notice Hank coming back, and I hurriedly get out of the chair. He eyes us both, more me than Connor before he speaks.

“New case, I’'ll need Connor with me…” I'm doing it again, I didn't even know I was doing it.

Hank rolls his eyes and walks right up to me as I have my cute look on with fluttering begging eyelashes.

“You’re staying here, I need you to research this case and update us on things” I sigh,

looking defeated at Hank as he returns a look of ‘No buts’ ‘At least he's trusting you by yourself’ Connor looks my way and smiles,

I sit back into Hanks chair and wave my hand over the interface to bring up a map of Detroit.

“Got it” I reply tonelessly, I'm huffing at being left out of their missions but I want to prove myself so I'll do it. The two leave, sharing a look of understanding between them.

I grab the communicater and stick it in my left ear so Connor can stay in touch from a longer way away.

The job had went smoothly, no problems and ultra boring for me. The boys were on there way back when I decided I'd had enough of being bored.

I stood up and changed my hair effortlessly back to its original color.

I smiled as I saw a potential target, but they spotted me soon after.

Gavin walked right over to me, “ You don't have your Master to protect you?” He said it as a threat, but I noticed he looked around the dept warily.

Time to act like Connor… “If you are referring to Lt Anderson he is working on a case at the moment” I kept my face neutral, but inside I was excited, I found it funny to play games with Gavin,

he's always so serious. I noticed he was behaving strangely, he was nervous.

“Can you come look at this evidence?” ‘Um what the fuck Gavin? Your making me nervous’ I didn't let on and followed after Gavin, even though my intuition was screaming that this was wrong.

After we passed a door he grabbed me by the shoulders and flung me in. ‘Fuck I knew it! Devious Prick!’ He slammed the door after he'd walked in, and locked it.

I had to stay calm, I was acting as Connor, not myself, and Connor would be calm until attacked… “You fucked up my desk, my computer…."

He growled as he approached me with a murderous look “Finally get you alone so you can get taught a lesson” I back up, strangely excited and afraid at the same time,

but there is nowhere to escape to. He grabs my collar, lifting me off my feet. ‘Oh wow’ I was examining Gavin’s face up close as he was millimetres away from me. ‘Damn….'

Gavin’s face went pale and alarm showed as I'd unconsciously lifted a hand to his face and longingly stroked the back of my hand over his cheek.

“What the?!” He was still stunned as I stroked a hand through his hair.

‘How cute is he? Oh my god, should I?’ I looked at him as in a trance, forgetting who I was and deciding this dream could do with a bit of spice.

I slid my hand to the back of his head and pulled him into me. It was quick, and to me unsatisfactory, I only managed to get a smooch of his rough lips before he let me go and threw me backwards.

‘Awww’ “What the utter Phck?!” Gavin was in shock but it soon turned to rage as he took a swing at me with his fist.

I'd learned how to dodge and Gavin's fist connected with a shelf instead of my face. I quickly unlocked the door and walked out whistling whilst Gavin held his fist in pain.

When I got back to Hank's desk I changed my hair again back to my promised colour and landed in his chair and spun it round happily.

“Micheal?” The room was spinning as I heard Hank's voice and I stopped the chair with my feet.

“Welcome back” I offered, but the look on Hank's face was one you would give to a lying child not owning up to their misendevors. Connor approached his eyes not meeting mine.

"Mission Complete!” I smiled, trying to lighten up the black awkward mood that hung around. “What did you do Mike?” Hank asked putting both of his hands on the table and glaring at me. I looked to Connor who looked away in shame.

‘I could hear everything, your thoughts and what was being said’ Connor communicated to me and I mouthed ‘Oh’ Gavin was about to walk over but upon seeing Connor he stepped back and went to his desk instead.

Hank's death glare made me uneasy. “Car, Now!” Hank ordered, I looked at the ground whilst I walked, disspointed I'd been found out. I looked over towards Gavin, who was watching us intently.

I winked at him as we left and his face went scarlet before he pretended to be working. Hank gave me a shove.

To be continued in Chapter 5 Follow me on Twitter! Feline Deviant Also check out my other DBH Fanfic - Tinman

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