What I see through my eyes..
What I see through my eyes.. short poetry stories

feliciataylor where my thoughts run wild and free
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A little series of poems that tells a story of a relationship I saw through my eyes

What I see through my eyes..

She sat there in silence With him in the room She never felt so alone

You tell her you love her Yet you left her alone in the darkness To fight with her demons You call yourself a man, All I see is a coward

She knows her worth She knows she should walk away But she’s stuck on the false image of how you portray love She believes the sweet nothings you feed her She knows it isn’t going anywhere Yet she just hopes you won’t fail her She so badly wants to be inlove

You know she would do anything for you She praises the ground you walk on Yet you walk all over her like she’s nothing And take her for granted Stupid little boy When she walks away You’ll regret it

She’s felt this empty feeling before That when it came back she knew she had to walk away.. And so she did.

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