Emojis Smiles Written by Felicia Mead

Emojis Smiles

Written by Felicia Mead  fiction story stories

felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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A Felicia Mead story about a happy emoji name Jess.
He falls in love at the first sight of the sexy emoji name Amanda

Emojis Smiles Written by Felicia Mead

Hey, I'm Jesse, if your reading This That means Your About hear This story about My smile...

While on my way walking home.. I've seen the most, Beautiful woman in world..

I mean she was popping. I asked, Her Name She Said Amanda We exchanged numbers..

We went out on a few dates 6months later... We moved in together. Things were going great..

I'm the luckiest guy in the world........

We need to talk. She Says To me .

Yes Bay, I Answered...

She said that she's leaving me.

What! No why, Who Is He?

She just woke up, the monster in me.... All the time and money I invested into this Trick......

This rage is crazy .... I feel it ... I'm getting ready to kill this b****.........

This is a unbelievable feeling, the more blood that Splashed in my face.. The more I thought about the money I spent on her.. I'm receiving joy and pleasure at the same...

I'm back smiling again.

Now you know, why I smile at nigth.. yes it's me up in the dark sky. When you look up it's me..

Ummmmm, Who is that? She is hella fine... I better go down there and meet her .. This can the Start Of Something new........

Hello Miss...


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