Unchained Part1 A Felicia Mead Story

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felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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Jessica finds a game .. she invites her friend Erica over to play it. while playing the game hell opens up

Unchained Part1 A Felicia Mead Story

The time has come, the evil that's been hidden away. Is ready to be unlocked..

Deep below, in the depth of the earth core.

The pits of Hell...

Demons living and roaming around creating torture and pain..

Jessica finds a forbidding game on her porch. she heard terrible stories about the game. she looks at her friend Erica. Jessica: what are you scared to play?

Erica : I'm nobody's chickenshit let's play.

They both look at the game and begin to play...

Meanwhile, the gates of hell are opening up....

Baal, is sneaking out from the pits of hell....

Erica: Jessica stop! How are you doing that? Jessica: I'm not! It's you

Rage of Fire, the sky Is Now red, it's foggy , as Baal approaches the earth..

Jessica: You see this? You see what's going on outside?

Erica: No, see what? I don't see anything. let's get back to this game ....I think we're onto something here..

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