The phoghapher A Felicia Mead story
The phoghapher 

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felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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Stand wife just brought him a new camera; he becomes infatuated with his new hobby forgetting about his family...

The phoghapher A Felicia Mead story

I just brought my husband Stand a new camera. I stood in the doorway of our bathroom, watching him photograph himself.

Photographing had always been his Hobby.. I watched this sparke in his eyes as he photographed our living room..

Thats our daughter Katie. She's being Silly... As he photographed her.

Later that night I go downstairs to the basement. Stand was Standing in the dark, he snapped a picture of me .. he scared the Shucky Ducky out of me ...

I turned on, the lights. He yelled at me. He never done that b4. I questioned him;about the photo line of all the strange pictures he had.

He looked at me crazy, he then turned away from me. And Stormed up the stairs...

I grabbed his camera, I scrolled through the photos.

There's a murderer in my house.

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