The People Downstairs What happened to Patricia Ester. Written by Felicia Mead

The People Downstairs 

What happened to Patricia Ester.

Written by Felicia Mead  horror stories stories

felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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A woman's anger invites the invasion of the devil to emerge to her energy.

The People Downstairs What happened to Patricia Ester. Written by Felicia Mead

It's late close to midnight I just wrapped up my a presentation for tomorrow's MTG. I walked over to my window , I've notice how different the moon ligth looks.

As the moon light hits my skin, an unexpected change happened . I dont know what this is. But something doesn't feel right.

My head is killing me, I suddenly feel a headache coming on, I need to go lay down, I'm feeling a little lightheaded. I walk to my bedroom to go lay down.

As I'm asleep, I hear a bang, boom, sounded coming from downstairs, now this is the 6 nigth in a row of this loud banging noise. I'm sick of it

Awwwwwww, they won't quit with this noise, I can't take it anymore... Every night , nigth after night after night...

I go to my kitchen and grabs a butcher's knife, am getting ready to tell them a piece of my mind and maybe this knife will scare them too.

I walked out my door to a empty dark hallway. I

As I walked downstairs, I've noticed how dark and strange looking everything around me is. I'm not afraid ..

I know I seen like a crazy person, but enough is enough . I knocked on the door. There's wasn't an answer. So I knocked again.

I pressed my hand with my butcher knife on the door. Then I placed my ear to the door. I heard nothing. However, the door suddenly opened by itself.

I walked in to an empty living room with a beautiful view of the city. As I walked around. I noticed no one is here. Now I know I happened imagined this. I heard what I heard.

I walked down this werid hallway. Something in it didn't t feel right. Even though it's empty, I felted ike the presence of someone was there with me.

I seen a open door. I walked to it.......

I walked in, its another empty room. but against the wall was a small door.....................

The door opened by itself, now this is the second door I've seen with my own two eyes .. That opened its self in here... My first mind told to get the hell out of there. But my second mind was to curious. I wanted to know and see what was going on behind the door.

I pulled out my knife before walked in........

What In the Heck is this ..

Wait ...... What in the hell did i just walked into. .........

Omg !!!!!!!!!! This thing just looked at me ... I dropped my knife .... Because I was scared as hell..

Something grabbed me. I couldn't make out what it was. I couldn't break free of this strong hold. It's wasn't letting me free. My eyes were closed extra tight..

I slightly opened my eyes... The creature was standing right in front of me. I freaked ..... Some how I broken free....

I got the hell out of there.

They were right behind me.

I finally made it to my apartment.. I quickly ran in...... Sacred for my life my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest....

Wait minute.... I just woke up... You mean to tell me this was a dream... Dammmm, that shit felt way to real...

Why would I have that type of dream..... I don't believe in that kinda stuff... I don't read books nor watch movies like that.. I feel so thirsty rigth. I need a glass of water...

As I stand up .. I'm nine months pregnant...


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