The Boogeylady A Felicia Mead story
The Boogeylady 

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felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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Joshua and Melissa wonders off from there friends and ends up at The Ackerman old abandoned house. Where they awake the Boogeylady..

The Boogeylady A Felicia Mead story

Last period PE. In 10 minutes Class will be over.

School is out . Joshua's mother told him to come home early. Instead Joshua goes with his friends.

Woodlands Creek Joshua and friends are hanging out having a good time..

Its starting to get dark. Joshua and friends decides to leave and go home.

While on the way walking home . Joshua and Meliss takes a different route. Walking and talking not paying attention.

Joshua and Melissa stops and stands in front of The Ackerman. Where Lisa Ackerman was found hung 15 years ago. Her mother and father found dead lying in there bed.

It's dark and quiet. Joshua and Melissa takes a look around the house.

Joshua and Melissa Finds an old doll. Joshua picks the doll up teasing her with it. Until a strange sound appears out of nowhere ...

Lisa Ackerman appears in the room looking at Joshua and Melissa.

Joshua and Melissa are scared. The two of them gets the hell out the house..

Lisa appears out side. Looking at them. ...............

Joshua and Melissa doesn't look back. The both of them runs runs as fast as they can...

Later On That night.....

Joshua's sleeping... A Creepy whispher... Joshua...... Joshua.... JOSHUA!!!!!

Joshua opens his eyes.

Lisa Ackerman appears in a bed on the opposite side of the room.. Smiling at Joshua.

Joshua can't move . Can't talk. Lisa's dark force is holding him down......

Lisa Ackerman takes Joshua...

Melissa sleeping.. Something touches her while whispering .... Wake up, wake up Melissa..

Melissa wakes up terrified... She sees Lisa Ackerman.

Lisa Ackerman is sitting on the edge of the bed Smiling. Lisa gets close to Melissa ...

Lisa Ackerman opens her mouth.......


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