Dark Secret Written by Felicia Mead
 Dark Secret 

Written by Felicia Mead  horror #mystery #scary #afelicimeadstory stories

felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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A young man dealing with murder on the brain discovers a deep dark secret about himself , which he can't unravel.

Dark Secret Written by Felicia Mead

It was Christmas nigth the year was 2017

I remember walking up the steps. Because I heard a weird sound.

The lights were dim. I couldn't make out what I was seeing.

An empty rocking chair appears, rocking in the middle of the hallway.

Miss. Taliban appeared rocking back and forth. I don't understand how she got there.

How long have this been going on? Doctor Tompkins asked.

I give him a look...As I say to him: I haven't completed my story yet....

He looked as if I've made him uncomfortable.......

At that very moment I snapped..... Feeling I wish I had a knife , I can just , just just "kill this joker."

Instead I sat there staring at him.... in silence As he continues to write freaking lies about me..... In his notebook....

I don't like this guy....... In fact I Want 2. kill him...

Dr. Tompkins places his pencil down... He says he wants me to start a new medication......

I say to him "can't I finish telling you my story ".

Dr. Tompkins says "Continue"

When I got to the chair it was empty again. While looking at the chair, i felt something was behind me. I turns slightly to the rigth.

Mona McCarthy was standing in the corner looking at me.

She grabbed my hands. I looked down at, them b4 I ran.

I was running and running for my life.. I felt like I ran up to heaven.

I'm so afraid, how can a dead girl from the 1800s can touch me or be alive.

I slow down. I see someone standing at the end of the roadway.

I am not about to walk foward. I need to find my way back home.

How did I get in the attic? How did I get home? Where did that man go?

A roped dropped out in front of me I grabbed it.

What the Hell is that, watching.

I look for the nearest exit. I'm so scared...... I dont wanna die!

Shit.... I can't believe what my eyes are seeing... How is this possible? They grabbed me.

Then a blue brid above me looks down at me.

I see a black cat look hard at me.

Pink bloodly flowers are in my face.

Red Blood Moon appeared boldly in the middle of the sky.

Then me, my face is glued wrapped in bandage. I screams to come Out, but I Can't get Out.

I tears it off my face leaving my hands filled with blood.

I have so much power. This is who I am now .

Sick off the Doctor's bullshit. I got rid of him, besides he was going to put me on new meds...


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