Level 4v Written by Felicia Mead
Level 4v

Written by Felicia Mead  scared stories

felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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This is a story about a woman named Jazz
Jazz has been going through depression due to a break up with her boyfriend, she takes a wrong turn to deal with her depression.

Level 4v Written by Felicia Mead

Jazz sits on ledge of the ligthhouse, isolated from the world. She wants to jump, but she's afraid..

Just 3weeks ago she was on the cover of a popular magazine, looking like a modern day Marilyn Monroe. Just to think next up the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.....

She walks along the waves of the shore, not sure on weather she wants to live or die. She cant handle the hurt of heartbreak.

Rachel, Jazz Bestfriend... she comes as a temporary fix of Happiness during Jazz's sadness of heartbreak. She convinces her that life is alot better without some jerk in it..

The sun set as the two friends decides to leave to and go enjoy the night......

Shot Shot Shot Shot Everybody

The businessman, watches them from the dark shadow isolated area in the club. The girls noticed him.. He signals the girls to come to him. He says to the girls: Wanna party?

He make an offer for party favorites... Jazz makes the purchase even though she's couldn't see his face ...

As the night continues on...

The girls are lit but Jazzy notice that a strange man from not far away is sharing at her.

She leaves out the club, her phone has die, she has no way to contact an uber.. she walks to the nearest subway..

The subway is pretty empty, the escalators aren't working ... She's walks down the stairs. .... But something seems to be following her.

She just missed the train.

She waits for the Next train. WHILE waiting .. It's a weird silence... Coming out of nowhere the sound of footsteps are walking near her...... She panics .... Until...

In The Mists of Darkness a man appears in a hoodie, not revealing his face ... He stands there...

Jazz notice something strange about the man. He looks up at her. Fire flames are burning around his face creating red smoke....

It takes , Jazzz life.. As she's dying ..... She reaching up for help..

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