He's watching her. A Felicia Mead Story
He's watching her. 

A Felicia Mead Story  horror stories

felicia1 Horror writer from Los Angeles, CA.
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You never know who’s watching you, Tammy a single woman living alone. Catches the attention of a stranger, whom follows her everywhere she goes without her knowing it..

He's watching her. A Felicia Mead Story

Tammy just finished a long hard workout.

Feeling good after a nice shower. Tammy stands in her bathroom mirror... Getting ready for the day.

Later that day she attended a art showcase..

She went out back to see the rest of the exhibit...

That's when he spotted her.

Tammy leaves, from the art gallery..

He leaves his apartment and follows Tammy.

Tammy walks to the end of the block. She stands watching the water.

He stands near by Hiding and watching her...

Walks away, after getting an unexpected phone call...

He begins to record her with his phone...

He zoom in close....

Tammy got a bad phone call. She just missed the grand opening of her bestfriend restaurant.

Tammy sits and watches the sunset.......Sad Cause her bestfriend is mad at her...

She leaves....

He follows not far from where Tammy's walking to.

Tammy stopped She hears close footsteps behind her.....

She look out the corner of her eye...

She's comes to with his hands rubbing on her. while She's blindfolded and naked.

This gives him So much pleasure.....

He licks her legs....

He stops, he walks over to the mirror with his knife...

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