The Temple of Time
The Temple of Time fantasy stories

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This is a bit all over the place but I hope you enjoy it anyway

The Temple of Time

Chiming bells Echo out Around the hollow hills

A little church Amongst the woods Sits silent and still

The orange glow Of candlelight Dances in the shadow

A hooded figure Sets about Moving tween each row

Moonlight gleams On the stone The front door opens with a creak

A voice rings out Addressing me ''These are people lives''

Feeling calm and unafraid I inquire what he means ''Lets just say, that this place acts as an archive''

He continued ''Each hourglass represents How much time one has left''

I was in the temple of time With its keeper Who watches over death

He spoke once more Looking at me ''You have been chosen to take my place

That is why I brought you here To teach you how to keep You are now the watcher of the entire human race''

From that day forth In those bygone days I have been the keeper of time

The puppiteer Watching you On your mountain climb

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