The Flame
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My entry for Nebulas August contest.

The Flame

There was a spark that grew to a flame, but alas it ended as quickly as it came.

An Ephemeral love, that briefly shone, so bright, now turned to dust, faded, into the night.

Momentary bliss, sadly not meant to be, was it you or was it me?

Its finished now I'll never now, fading footprints covered by new fallen snow.

Fed the flames because I can't let go. But in the end, I know its for the best, now we can both grow.

Still, I don't regret taking that leap, as a life without risk is worse than the pain of when I weep.

Time goes ever marching on, we're just mere drops in the river, in the blink of an eye we're gone.

All I can do now is learn from the pain, and if someone comes up? Yes, I'd relight the flame.

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