The busker.
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My entry for Astraeus' poetry contest. I hope you enjoy

The busker.

I stood on the pavement a gleam in my eye, entranced by her mellifluous tune.

Transported away, to an ethereal place, whisking me over the moon.

The crowds steadily rolled on, but here I was transfixed in place.

As if enthralled by a siren's song, no-one else caught in her embrace.

I waited and listened, for hours on end, spellbound by her dulcet tone.

Floating above the glass-like stillness these were moments I would never bemoan.

As dusk began to fall, she began to pack up and I went to her place and waited a while.

She turned to my face, and it sort of fell out ''You've lightened my night and made it all right'' I said with a smile.

She replied with a ''Thanks'' and we left it at that and both parted ways, till the end of our days.

I never even knew her name.

But that busker girl rekindled my souls darkened flame.

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