Sakura Trees
Sakura Trees poetry stories

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Sakura Trees

Lazing under Sakura trees - In the glistening sun - Down beside the river's edge - Where threads of thought get spun -

Cherry blossoms skim the surface - Adding a pinkish hue - I cannot help but drift away - To sombre thoughts, anew -

I cannot shirk, this feeling - Deep down far inside - As lonesome as the winters chill - Swept away, by the springtide -

When Spring rain pours - Dampening my heart -Back to Sakura's side I go - Hoping oh hoping that she will restore my soul -

And as if 'twas fate - In the petaled waters -Xialang, she came to me -A water spirit,

in the form of a cherry dragon -Offering a proposition to set me free -Whenever you see a Cherry blossom - Whistling on the wind Think of me and smile -For I have flown so far afield – Attaining, peace of mind -

Thanks for reading - Ciaran

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