I cannot fail
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An upbeat poem about self love and positivity.

I cannot fail

I cannot fail, I cannot lose, no matter which path I decide to choose. I'll always learn, I'll always grow, whatever which way I want to go.

Commit to thy self, and sow the seeds, wait for the fruit to bare. On the journey of life, with its ups and downs this will help in how I fare.

Once I commit myself only good shall come, now it's time to face my fears, not turn and run. The road is long and that's ok if I just make sure to improve every day.

Lighten up and let it go, let the river of me flow and flow. Be kind to thy self and let positivity radiate off thee with a glow.

To brighten ones day there is nothing better, it fills me with warmth and delight. At the end of the tunnel, I will see the light.

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