Alas, Alas
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Sorry for being inactive, I haven't been able to think of anything to write and didn't want to force anything. Follow for more.

Alas, Alas

A shamrock clove, in her hair, a voice as sweet as honey.

Spellbinding beauty, a knockout smile, a laugh which makes me melt.

We would talk from night to dawn, so kind, and oh so funny.

Risen from the ashes, my rekindled flame, oh to be with you again, indescribable how I felt...

We fell, apart, weren't meant to be, I thought it was the end.

On this fair night, as we sit, now beneath the stars. I look into your face and grin, your chestnut eyes, oh how they gleam.

Back together and all is well, my life with you I'll spend.

Alas, Alas, twas only just a dream...

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