Am I actually alone?
Am I actually alone? facing reality stories

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If you see me under the light Alone and walking

Am I actually alone?

If you see me under the light

Alone and walking

In the middle of the night

It's not because I'm lost

And missing who I was before.

It's not that I'm alone

And you're out there on your own.

If you can't see anybody at my side

It's not because I'm not worthed

Or I feel somewhat shy:

I had passed through a lot of passions,

Emotions, personalities and dissolutions;

Now, I see myself more complete

When I am a whole

Sharing my thoughts with no peeps

For I know it's not their world.

In this long night walk

No eclipse it's happening:

I thank the clouds, they protect me

By putting shades on the path I'm following.

Nothing looks like

Anything I've seen before...

Am I doing something wrong?

Perhaps this is not my way

As Sinatra always said

I feel pretentious

But I am somewhat conscious.

It is braver to have clay in your hand

Nobody has ever before had

And create a world

Where just the inacceptable

Can fit in it, and not a bit more.

So, weird beings,

Take and bring your personalities

And initiate a parallel something else;

And if you ever feel lonely, thus

Remember: in your head there's a genius.

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