Strange Life Of A Cat Chapter 7(Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat Chapter 7(Part1) comedy stories

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Zheng Tan climbed up a tree, and looked in the direction where the voices came from. Not long after, Zheng Tan understood roughly what was happening. It was similar to the prime time drama Mama Jiao watched before, except the female wasn’t crying loudly or causing havoc.

Strange Life Of A Cat Chapter 7(Part1)

Zheng Tan climbed up a tree, and looked in the direction where the voices came from.

Not long after, Zheng Tan understood roughly what was happening. It was similar to the prime time drama Mama Jiao watched before, except the female wasn’t crying loudly or causing havoc.

After watching for a moment, Zheng Tan became impatient, and went down the tree for a stroll. Leaving the pain in the ass parrot in the tree to continue watching its live prime time show.

At least this way it wouldn’t come and bother Zheng Tan. Zheng Tan hoped that this drama would “broadcast” for the whole day, or be a continuous “broadcast”.

This way of thinking was really lacking in morality, but what kind of thing is a moral heart?

Ever since Zheng Tan could remember he had kicked this toy into a corner, occasionally picking it up to look.

When it didn’t match his own interest, Zheng Tan would leave this toy in the corner to become moldy, and wouldn’t even glance at it.

Below the tree, Chubs was there lying in a “catloaf” position with his eyes closed as if he was about to fall asleep.

As for Detective and Yellowy, they probably couldn’t stand being still and went to find somewhere to play.

Around this area, there were only a few places that the cats would go to. Therefore, Zheng Tan wasn’t worried about not being able to find them.

Even if he couldn’t find them for a while, after calling them twice they would respond, and they would not go far.

Zheng Tan struck Chubs with a swing of his tail, telling it to catch up. This chap always looks like it has lacks sleep.

In the beginning, Zheng Tan believed that it was because it had used its brain too much.

However, later on he realized that even if Chubs didn’t really use its brain, it would still have a dead look.

But, who could’ve imagined that this fat, sleepy looking cat knew how to use Morse code.

You can’t judge a person by their appearance, cats were also like this.

There was a small supermarket not far from the family supermarket, called “Dong Yuan Supermarket”.

Recently Dongyuan supermarket has been under renovations and there was a pile of sand and stone at the backdoor.

The workers were resting today, and there wasn’t anyone at the backdoor of the supermarket.

When Zheng Tan arrived at the backdoor of Dong Yuan supermarket, he just happened to see Yellowy sitting on a pile of sandy soil with a serene expression. It was very earnestly using the toilet.

After it had finished, it used its paws to bury the deed with sand. Then it shook its fur and left as if nothing had ever happened.

After the surgery, Yellowy no longer peed everywhere randomly, but due to its natural instincts, it still liked to poop in unexpected places.

Zheng Tan wondered, if those workers came here tomorrow, and found a pile of cat poop with one dig of a shovel, what kind of expression would they have.

Or if those workers didn’t notice and directly daubed it into the wall……

If Zheng Tan was the boss of this supermarket, he would definitely choke that fool, Yellowy, to death.

If you kept walking forward from Dong Yuan supermarket, you would see a large lawn.

However, Zheng Tan and company normally wouldn’t go there because there were a lot of people on the lawn, adults and children. If they went there, they would be looking for trouble.

Non-sensible brats were the natural enemies of all pets. If a cat was grabbed by the tail they couldn’t scratch back, even if the child was at fault the one punished would still be the cat.

As a result, normally if Zheng Tan and the others came over, they would just play in the little forest between the large lawn and Dong Yuan supermarket.

Yellowy was scratching trees, after scratching one it would switch to another to scratch. Detective was foraging for food again, looking for small insects to be a snack.

As for Chubs, he had his paws curled under him again, lying under a brush in a catloaf position, apparently not interested in anything happening in the surroundings.

Zheng Tan swept the area, and not noticing anyone approaching, jumped onto a table in the grove. He squatted down on a patch with sunlight to rest.

The wind carried a slight fragrance of osmanthus flowers, and the noises from the lawn had no influence on the little area of the grove.

Occasionally, in the surroundings, there would be thudding and scratching sounds caused by the other two cats.

The warm sunlight shining on Zheng Tan, made him somewhat drowsy.

Suddenly, from a nearby underbrush came a strange cry, it sounded like a bird call. However, listening more closely a bird call was different.

Zheng Tan had stayed here for so long, but had yet to ever hear such a cry.

Zheng Tan opened his eyes. From where the cry came, Yellowy had a paw in the air. It turned its neck to the right and left, apparently deciding where to strike with its claws.

On another side, Detective heard sounds and had ran to that side. A moment later, a furball ran out from that side.

Guinea pig (Tun Shu)?

Using the locals’ way to call it, it was also called guinea pig (He Lan Zhu).

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