Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 7 (Part2)
Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 7 (Part2) comedy stories

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However this one was slightly different from normal guinea pigs. Its fur was longer, and the handful of white hair on its head and its bangs were hanging down, almost covering its eyes. It might be because it exercises regularly, this guinea pig wasn’t like the fat, caged guinea pigs that Zheng Tan had seen in past which moved very slowly.

Strange Life of A Cat - Chapter 7 (Part2)

However this one was slightly different from normal guinea pigs. Its fur was longer, and the handful of white hair on its head and its bangs were hanging down, almost covering its eyes.

It might be because it exercises regularly, this guinea pig wasn’t like the fat, caged guinea pigs that Zheng Tan had seen in past which moved very slowly.

This one’s running speed was much faster.

Even if its speed was faster compared to other guinea pigs, in the presence of two cats with excess energy, it couldn’t escape their claws.

Detective and Yellowy had the guinea pig trapped in the middle. If the guinea pig tried to run out, they would simply use their paws to block it and force it to return to the middle.

Zheng Tan thought for a moment, it was still better to stop Detective and Yellowy as they prepared to bite it. On the campus, guinea pigs were raised as pets. They weren’t white mice.

You couldn’t just play with them however you wanted to, and you couldn’t just eat them because you wanted to. Let alone that this breed had some special traits.

Zheng Tan had just examined this guinea pig’s fur, it was very clean. It should’ve been carefully groomed, and its owner should take very good care of it.

Who could guarantee that they wouldn’t leave a trace of eating it. If the owner found them, it would definitely bring about trouble.

The large lawn was nearby, and this guinea pig should’ve came from over there.

When Zheng Tan swatted away Yellowy, the guinea pig didn’t take the chance to run away. Rather it stayed in place, vigilantly observing the cats.

In the end, it made a decision and slowly shifted next to Zheng Tan’s side.

Zheng Tan. “…” Did it determine that it wouldn’t be eaten by me?

It’s hard to say, but sometimes an animal’s sixth sense was very sharp.

Zheng Tan swung his tail, preparing to move far away from the guinea pig. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a silhouette, a stranger’s silhouette!

If it was only a stranger then Zheng wouldn’t be shocked.

What shocked him was that the other three cats and him actually didn’t notice anyone approaching?! They didn’t even know how long the person was there, or if the person had just hidden nearby!

Zheng Tan’s line of sight fell on the person’s palm, their body slightly blocked their right hand.

When their line of sights crossed, Zheng Tan thought of the Papa Jiao’s expression on the night they had killed the white mice.

However Papa Jiao only had such an expression towards the white mice, but the man before his eyes made Zheng Tan feel a chill. This person… has killed things besides insignificant white mice!

Yellowy was startled by the person who suddenly appeared. Afterwards, it returned its attention to the furball’s body next to Zheng Tan.

It lifted its claws testing it, appearing as if it was still unwilling to give up.

Zheng Tan slapped Yellowy across its face. Does this idiot not see that there was a dangerous person?!

Even when Zheng Tan slapped Yellowy, his line of sight never left the stranger. The feeling that this person gave him was too dangerous.

He felt like he was the white mice from the other night on the experiment counters, unable to escape, waiting to have their neck broken.

Chubs was no longer lying in the bush. It had gotten up like a bullet, back arched, hair standing on end, and its ears pulled back.

Its pair of eyes emitted an ominous glint instead of its usual drowsiness. Its throat emitted a “Wu——Wu——” warning sound, as if about to face off against a large enemy.

Since Zheng Tan had known Chubs, this was the first time it was like this.

Perhap due to Zheng Tan and Chubs influence, the other two cats also vigilantly watched the person.

Although a little stupid and a little thick skinned, during a crucial moment, Yellowy and Detective didn’t run off alone, they were pretty loyal!

Originally Detective was prepared to run off, but noticed that the other three didn’t move. It stiffened its body, while its hair stood on end, and stayed.

What to do?

Zheng Tan’s mind was spinning.

Immediately fleeing was a good method of many, and was the most frequently used, but Zheng Tan wasn’t certain if he could really leave safely with the others.

The other party’s line of sight was still locked onto on their bodies, as if any movement would affect the thread of crisis.

The other part never revealed what was in their hand, making Zheng Tan feel extreme danger.

Both sides had confronted each for about two minutes, and then the person smiled. When he smiled, the surrounding mood seemingly lightened a lot.

The person revealed their arms, shook both hands, and said, “Little cats, don’t nervous, I’m only here to look for a pet, that’s all.”

After speaking, he pointed at the guinea pig hiding behind Zheng Tan’s body, but this guinea pig clearly didn’t plan to give any face to the person.

It moved closer to Zheng Tan’s side, as if it wanted to hide from this person.

Zheng Tan relaxed a little, but didn’t dare get careless. He felt that this stranger should’ve had something in their hand just now.

Perhaps it was a razor blade, or something else, but hid it away when they revealed their hands.

Who is this person? Zheng Tan’s heart was suspicious.

“Chestnut, quickly come over. If you don’t return your owner will be worried.” The person called out to the furball like guinea pig hiding behind Zheng Tan.

The guinea pig didn’t respond, it didn’t show its face or make a sound.

“Chestnut——” The person squatted down, leaned over, and called out to the furball a few more times.

Zheng Tan cursed in his heart. He leaned his body to the side, revealing the furball hiding behind him. He doesn’t want to find himself in a crisis just because of this furball.

Seeing that the furball didn’t move, Zheng Tan used his tail and pushed it a few times. You bastard why don’t you hurry and leave!

Finally, the furball that was pushed out by Zheng Tan, like it was unwilling, very slowly moved in the direction of the person.

After pinching the pet, the person didn’t stay, turned his body and left towards the large lawn.

Only when the figure of the person couldn’t be seen anymore, then did Zheng Tan let out a sigh. He thought to himself that it would be better to come here less.

On the other side, the person who was treated as a large enemy by Zheng Tan and company ignored the furball’s resisting sounds that was pinched in their hand.

After leaving the grove, he turned his head back to look. He felt that two of the cats just now were very interesting… especially the black one.

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