Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 6 (Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 6 (Part1) comedy stories

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In one of the houses below comrade Xiao Qu lived a rather unique inhabitant. The special point of his inhabitant was that it was the home owner’s pet—— a rare species, hyacinthinus macaw. This bird’s name was “General”, and he was supposedly the Mr. Perfect of parrots.

Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 6 (Part1)

In one of the houses below comrade Xiao Qu lived a rather unique inhabitant. The special point of his inhabitant was that it was the home owner’s pet—— a rare species, hyacinthinus macaw.

This bird’s name was “General”, and he was supposedly the Mr. Perfect of parrots.

This guy’s value was enough to buy a hundred square meter apartment in the city center of Chu Hua, and its price is still rising.

High intelligent, adept in many languages, good looks, and in addition to being a rare species, it would be strange if this damn bird’s price wasn’t high.

Their home’s balcony was different from all the other balconies.

The balcony on the fourth floor was covered by a coarse wire mesh, whose main purpose was to prevent the parrot from flying away.

Truthfully, they weren’t afraid that it would fly away, but rather that it would go and harass people and animals.

From appearances, this bird knew its boundaries, but it in fact had a belly full of evil tricks.

“General” had a nickname, “cat’s worst nightmare” . This damned thing really liked to bully cats, and it especially loved biting a cat’s ears.

He had heard that quite a few cats had their ears bitten at the school before. This was something Mama Jiao had said when he first arrived here.

It seems this was the reason why Papa Jiao had repeatedly urged him to be aware of his surroundings, to protect against fire, theft and parrots.

Looking at this guy’s body, and thinking about a macaw’s strength, and you’ll know that it had a very high ability to cause damage.

However, after getting familiar with it, Zheng Tan knew that although it bullies cats, it picks its targets. The cats on the eastern residence had it better.

As long as they didn’t provoke it, it wouldn’t take the initiative to attack. But, if it saw cats from the western residence, well then that’s unfortunate.

Perhaps it was because of the owner’s influence.

This bird particularly liked to sing nostalgic old songs, some that Zheng Tan had only heard of in a documentary about nostalgic albums There were some that he had no impressions of,

but the tune revealed its age. Like the song he had just heard, it could be traced back to the eighties. These were still good.

And what made Zheng Tan feel peculiar was that this bird possessed skills.

If the average parrot’s intelligence approached that of a four or five year old, then the one from the apartment below would probably be better than an adult, and a genius type at that.

Now why did he say this?

The bird from the lower apartment was still singing in a low voice. Zheng Tan just couldn’t stand it anymore, and helplessly lifted his head up to watch the night sky.

He heaved a sigh, then gave the balcony a sweep and found a metal mosquito coil incense. He nudged it to the side of the railings, then stuck out a paw and lightly tapped.

“Ding dong, dong dong, dong ding dong ding…” [so damn loud!]

The singing from the lower apartment abruptly stopped, and in the next moment, Zheng Tan heard the rustling sound of flapping and the banging sounds of toes striking wire.

Evidently that bird had never thought that it would actually hear this noise at this time of night, so it was very excited, and ran to the mesh wire.

Not long after, a pecking sound came from the lower apartment, from the sounds of it, that bird seemed to be pecking some sort of food packaging box.

“Da di, di di, di da da da, di di da…” [You’re actually here!]

Who would ever guess that in the middle of the night, at Chu Hua University eastern residences building B fifth floor there would be a cat and a parrot conversing through morse code.

Actually, Zheng Tan wasn’t too familiar with morse code. He had only learnt it recently.

The one who was truly proficient with it was actually that most unremarkable and useless-looking Dragon Li cat, Chubs.

Every time Chubs went to the military district to visit his relative, or the times when that person from the military district came over to pay old aunty a visit,

he would always be tested on the use of secret codes, converse using morse code, play simple rail fence cipher paper card games etc.

If the results from Chubs’ tests were not ideal, ho ho, then go obediently squat on instant noodles.

This parrot was a loyal hobbyist for secret code puzzles.

Whenever Chubs was at home, it would peck the paper cards and find Chubs to play the rail fence cipher game, and when Chubs couldn’t be found,

it would then find Zheng Tan or its feeder to play the the morse communications game.

Only, its feeder was usually rather busy and didn’t have much time to cause a ruckus together, so there were still many times where Zheng Tan underwent suffering.

Last week, “General” was brought out to play at one of the protected nature reserves in the outer province. As a result, Zheng Tan was very relaxed for several days.

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