Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 23 (Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 23 (Part1) comedy stories

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At six o'clock in the morning, Wei Ling got up. He boiled some water so the two children could rinse their face with warm water after they woke up. Wei Ling did not grow up in Chuhua. He came here after leaving the military because most of his friends lived here.

Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 23 (Part1)

At six o'clock in the morning, Wei Ling got up. He boiled some water so the two children could rinse their face with warm water after they woke up.

Wei Ling did not grow up in Chuhua. He came here after leaving the military because most of his friends lived here.

His strongest impression of this city, after being a resident here for a while, was that the weather was terrible.

In his words, "The weather is sick, it needs a cure."

Temperature in Chuhua always felt like it was a practical joke of some sort. It was nearly 30 degrees yesterday, but had dropped to barely ten degrees today.

Perhaps because the temperature was still fluctuating, some trees on campus were still green.

Of course, leaves were falling off at the same time, but out of the patches of browns and greens on the side of the road, people always noticed the green parts first.

Maybe green made people feel better.

Wei Ling had pulled an all-nighter last night. He was up very late looking up information he needed.

Just when he was about to take a nap, Papa Jiao phoned in to remind him that the temperature was dropping and that it would be appreciated if he could make sure the kids stayed warm.

After the phone call, Wei Ling was completed awake. So he played some Solitaire.

He went all the way from mid-level difficulty with two sets of poker to highest level difficulty with four sets of cards. Bored of Solitaire, he eventually started playing Minesweeper.

The rest of the night was spent renewing the high score of that game over and over again.

Even without sleep, Wei Ling was quite energetic. The hour was still early; he planned to go for a run before buying the kids some breakfast.

He remembered to write a note for the children in case they woke up and wondered where he had gone.

He left the note on the dining table and was ready to leave when he saw Zheng Tan, still fast asleep on the sofa.

After scratching the thief that day, Zheng Tan had stopped sleeping on Gu Youzi's bed. He was worried that the scent of blood on his paws would affect the kids negatively.

Apparently, it could make children more prone to nightmares.

Gu Youzi had brought out her furry blanket for Zheng Tan to use has a quilt. The blanket had a hat attached to it. On it was a pair of cat ears.

At the moment, Zheng Tan was curled up in a ball under the blanket sleeping soundly. Before, he always wondered why cats curled up in their sleep. Wasn't the position tiring?

But when he himself turned into a cat, he realized that this sleeping position was really quite comfortable. Most times, he simply balled up unconsciously in his sleep, like now.

"Charcoal, Get up! Let's go!" Standing at the door, Wei Ling called out in hushed tones.

The cat didn't move.

"Charcoal! Wake Up! Running time." Wei Ling called out again. He didn't believe for a minute the cat on the sofa couldn't hear him.

The ears poking out from under the blanket twitched, then…well, that was it.

Wei Ling: "... ..." This little bastard was playing deaf!

"Charcoal!" Wei Ling called out for the third time. This time with a hint of warning in his voice. Zheng Tan still did not move.

However, he did let out a noise from his nostrils, indicating that he had heard him and that Wei Ling could get lost now.

"Charcoal, now!" Wei Ling tried a fourth time.

Zheng Tan finally moved. He stretched lazily, poking his head out of the blanket. He looked at Wei Ling and yawned. Seeing that the man didn't move, Zheng Tan went back to sleep.

"Charcoal! Get up! Go run!" Wei Ling was pausing after every syllable as if to emphasize how serious he was.

This time, Zheng Tan finally began to get up. He got out of the blanket, stretched, then shook his fur.

Wei Ling: "..."

F*cking hell, he did not expect to need to wake a cat five times to have it get up!

"Do you have to knead on the sofa for a while, go to the bathroom? What? You done yet?" Wei Ling said through gritted teeth.

Zhang Tan twitched his ears. He didn't knead. If he did, it would be on boobs. What was the fun in kneading a sofa? Zheng Tan always felt that this signature move of cats was slightly wrong.

Especially since cats all did this when they missed their mothers. It was in their genetics.

Kneading was unnecessary, but taking a morning piss was not.

Seeing the black cat run into the bathroom, Wei Ling looked up to the ceiling and sighed helplessly. Why did the Jiao family treat this cat like it was some prize?

Because of the temperature drop, Zheng Tan felt a cold wave hit him right after he left the building. He shivered.

The sun was not out yet. It was quiet and peaceful on campus. Except from some noise coming from the cafeteria, the place was in complete silence.

Half-way through their run, however, the morning radio started right on time.

It played from six thirty to seven thirty every day.

When he was running pass the dorms, the school radio had finished its opening song and was starting to play the music for broadcast gymnastics.

"Now, the eighth series broadcast gymnastics. March on the spot! One Two Three Four…"

"F*ck, it's too early for this cr*p!" Agitated complaints were coming from the dorms.

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