Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 22 (Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 22 (Part1) comedy stories

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Papa Jiao was quick to act. Since he had already decided to ask Wei Ling to look after the children, he called him straight after lunch. Those were non-working hours, a good time to look for people.

Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 22 (Part1)

Papa Jiao was quick to act. Since he had already decided to ask Wei Ling to look after the children, he called him straight after lunch.

Those were non-working hours, a good time to look for people.

Because of Zheng Tan, Papa Jiao would stop and chat with Wei Ling when they ran into each other.

Their topic of conversation revolved mostly around Zheng Tan, but seemed to have contained other stuff as well.

Zheng Tan did not know for sure, but they might have talked about where Wei Ling was going to work in the future.

Wei Ling had replaced his PHS with a cellphone, which meant that Zheng Tan didn't have to listen to him swear anymore.

Wei Ling agreed immediately to come take care of the children in the evening. He was busy during daytime but had nothing to do at night anyway.

The two children stayed at the hospital until two o'clock in the afternoon. Auntie Ling came by with soup that Papa Jiao could just microwave.

She offered to have the kids over for dinner so that they wouldn't need to eat boxed-lunches anymore. Papa and Mama Jiao gladly took her up on the offer.

Zheng Tan followed them back to school, then parted ways from the group. He did not want to go to Auntie Ling's place. There was a toddler at her place who was her relative's kid.

Zheng Tan had seen the little brat pull Tiger's tail last time. Young kids were the enemies of all pets.

Zheng Tan would rather eat biscuits then have his tail pulled on. He wasn't sure he could control himself enough to not scratch his attacker.

He decided to pay Wei Ling a visit since he had nothing to do at the moment. They could head back home together later. He thought about how to tell Wei Ling that thing he thought of.

The house Wei Ling rented was a private-home that had been turned into an apartment unit. It was mostly rented by students and young people who just started work.

The buildings were poorly managed and the area was quite a mess. Things got stolen all the time. Reporting it to the police was pointless.

It happened so often that even if they investigated, they wouldn't find anything. However, the rent was dirt cheap, so the area never lacked renters.

Zheng Tan didn't come here often. There were too many people. Someone always tried to play with him by teasing him with strings and dolls whenever they saw him.

They didn't know he saw them as idiots.

Zheng Tan got there by three o'clock. People living there were mostly at work or in school. Those who were home were napping. Stray cats were quite common around here.

The landlord had a cat as well. The animal was a common sight here, so no one took notice of a black cat sneaking into the building.

Zheng Tan had stepped foot onto Wei Ling's floor when he heard a loud "bang". He stopped and peeked out from the staircase

A young man was knocked to the ground, clutching his stomach and moaning from the pain. Wei Ling walked out after him, holding an apple in one hand and a fruit knife in the other.

He patted the man's face with the knife that was still covered in apple juice.

"I see you already have your eye on my newly-bought phone, eh? You got guts. Coming over to steal my phone when I'm napping…Did you think you could bully me, or did you think I was stupid?"

Wei Ling sounded like a complete rogue. The guy tried to get up but froze when Wei Ling pressed the knife against his throat.

The man wanted to open his mouth,but Wei Ling pressed harder on the knife.

"I don't want to hear your bullshit," Wei Ling said as he flung the apple core out of the window.

Zheng Tan sighed: "... ..."

The management of the building was a mess, but that didn't mean littering was ok. Zheng Tan remembered Jiao Yuan losing one yuan of allowance due to not throwing used tape into the trash.


Zheng Tan twitched his ears. He didn't hear the apple hit the ground. The ground outside was made of cement. The sound of apple hitting cement was not the one he just heard.

Although puzzled, Zheng Tan didn't rush to check downstairs. He kept his attention on Wei Ling.

Wei Ling still had the knife on the man's throat, but his other hand was digging into the man's pockets.

He pulled out a wallet. Inside, there was no ID card, but he found 1000 yuan. Wei Ling took the 1000 bucks with a look of disgust then put the wallet back in the man's pocket.

In addition to the wallet, he found some tools for picking locks. Wei Ling's look of disgust deepened, but he laid the tools by his feet.

Eventually, Wei Ling found a small plastic bottle. He twisted open the cap. Inside was some medicine stuffed in by a cotton ball.

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