Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 21 (Part1)
Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 21 (Part1) comedy stories

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Mama Jiao seemed better today, at least her spirits were up. However, after hearing last night's events, she was determined to drag her injured self home if not for Papa Jiao doing all he could to stop her.

Strange Life Of A Cat - Chapter 21 (Part1)

Mama Jiao seemed better today, at least her spirits were up.

However, after hearing last night's events, she was determined to drag her injured self home if not for Papa Jiao doing all he could to stop her.

There was no point in keeping last night a secret.

Even if Auntie Ling didn't tell her about it all, last night caused so much of a commotion that the faculty and family in the hospital would have heard about it.

Jiao Yuan and Gu Youzi remained silent after answering a few of her questions. Qu Xiangyang did most of the talking. He gave a vivid recount of last night's story.

"Since the previous thefts, residents on the first and second floor had been taking precautions.

Us living on the higher floors felt safer, but now it seemed that those people used this mentality. They target people living on higher floors specifically because they feel less at risk."

"Apparently, they saw the bulletin board in the bio building and learnt that Brother Jiao just received a million-yuan grant.

Coincidentally, they found out something had happened and there were only going to be children at home. So they targeted your family."

"It was not as if we could have used the money from the grant. It's meant for research." Mama Jiao said emphatically, her tone rising.

"They didn't think so. Lots of people get rich off pocketing research money." Qu Xiangyang shrugged.

He suddenly remembered something and his eyes lit up : "I heard that several 'veterans' were at the scene of the interrogation last night and were able to get quite some information out of

the thieves. The police didn't find any leads last month after the first burglaries because someone pulled some strings. This time, they weren't getting away with it that easily."

"The behind the scenes culprit who planned the thefts was someone living in building A. His family is quite connected.

Apparently, his uncle is the vice president of the school, specifically, the one that oversees admissions."

Qu Xiangyang loved gossiping about people high up in the school. He was not at all worried they would give him a hard time. His father was just as powerful, and he had graduated anyways.

"Usually we might have turned a blind eye, given his connections and everything. But this time, he hit a nerve, and we couldn't just pretend we didn't know anything.

Several more of the residents had gotten grants. That information is on bulletin boards all around the school.

No one would feel safe again if thieves were coming to their doors just because of that."

"One of the more senior guys called that vice president last night. I'm guessing, after he settles the problem in the quarters, he would come here and apologize to you folks."

Zheng Tan sat on Mama Jiao's bed, quietly listening to them speak. Papa Jiao had brought the bedding from home. It was not only more comfortable but also more pleasing to the eye.

The nurse had just changed Mama Jiao's bandages when they got here, so she wouldn't be back any time soon.

Listening to Qu Xiangyang talk about the culprit, Zheng Tan nodded silently.

If the thieves weren't connected to the school somehow, how would they get a hold of the access card? He wondered what the school would do to prevent similar incidents from happening.

If they change the security access card, he would need Papa Jiao to get him a new one.

"Hey brother Jiao, I heard that the thief didn't even get inside your house before he was scratched on the face by your cat.

The guy thought someone was home and ran like his life depended on it. He didn't even stop for his partner."

"He was probably running too fast and not paying attention to the road. He tripped and hit his head on the cement walls of the flower bed. He then got bitten by that bull terrier Mr. Yan got.

Apparently, the dog was able to rip off a piece of flesh. Now it's a hero in the quarters, you should've seen it…"

Papa Jiao watched Zheng Tan as he listened to Qu recount the events. The cat had his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. 'Not bad.' He thought.

'It's a good thing he didn't feel the need to be in the spotlight.'

As they talked and laughed, the atmosphere lightened. It was the happiest they had been since Mama Jiao got into the accident.

Qu Xiangyang offered to watch over the kids for a few days, but Papa Jiao declined politely.

After Qu left, Mama Jiao asked him for his reasoning.

"I am going to ask Wei Ling. This way we know the kids are in good hands. That boy Qu puts too much of his energy into gaming. He might get Jiao Yuan to start playing."

Zheng Tan agreed it was possible. Besides, the guy disregarded everything when he started to play computer games.

They were better off having Zheng Tan watch the kids, than to expect Qu to be a good guardian.

In contrast, Wei Ling was a much more dependable person. All he needed to do was come watch the kids at night. He would still have all the free time in the world in the morning.

Zheng Tan wondered how his case was going. He had been on it for a while, yet the case was still unsolved.

As he was thinking about crime and investigations, a knock came from the door.

Jiao Yuan and Gu Youzi hurriedly put Zheng Tan back into the backpack. They tried to look nonchalant, but came off as way too serious, which made Mama Jiao smile.

The visitor was Zhuo. She heard about what happened in the residential quarters and came to wish them well.

Papa Jiao quickly stood up to give her his seat. Because of the relationship formed between their cat and Zhuo, 'the Buddha' had been treating him better when he went over to borrow equipment.

She didn't smile, but she didn't look like she was plotting murder either. So there was improvement.

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