What Is Death? By: FeatherQuilled
What Is Death?

By: FeatherQuilled human stories
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What Is Death? By: FeatherQuilled

Death is often defined by the separation of soul & body, but is it all that black & white? Is our end really defined by our biological clocks?

The answer to that last question is no, something dies when it is no longer remembered, when the mention of its name produces only memories.

MLK, Gandhi, and countless others historic icons met their graves long ago, but are they dead?

I urge you to imagine, imagine the world without Gahndi's message of peace, or MLK's calls for equality, can you?

If you're comfortable with the images your mind has produced, that means both are dead.

For that is a true death, where your presence could be forgotten without any foreseeable consequences.

Fear no death but the death of a legacy., dear one, for that is the only death.

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